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Book Report on A Very Private Life by Michael Frayn

other manner of amenities. Insiders regularly survive on drugs that ensure that they are properly balanced and suited to the correct socially acceptable manner and mindset of the occasion, that they ...

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Discuss Bennett's use of "unreliable" narrators.

neath the surface. The monologue style enables the reader to hear the biased views of the narrator. Alan Bennett provides readers with clues during the monologues, helping the reader to discover discr ... ly; this information however, may not become apparent until the narrative is well underway. Many of Alan Bennett's characters do not entirely understand themselves; he describes them as being "artless ...

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An Argument that 'Talking Heads' by Alan Bennett is a book about the miseries of the lonely, the thoughts of the unhappy and the alienation of the characters from a changed society.

It was written by Alan Bennett, who was born in Leeds in 1934, and grew up in the changing times which were the fiftie ... on and performance, but the monologues manage to keep their humour and charm throughout, reflecting Alan Bennett's sarcasm and dark humour.This is a book I would recommend to friends, not simply becau ... tter situations.This book is one which I highly recommend, if only for the salvation of the reader. Alan Bennett's sarcasm and ridicule in portraying these characters and his deep sympathy for their s ...

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"Her Big Chance": Techniques used by Alan Bennett to make the character Lesley seem real

"Her Big Chance" is a dramatic monologue written by Alan Bennett. Her big chance is in a series of programmes called Talking Heads. Talking Heads are al ... alking about an event in their lives and they were all written in 1980's and are set in the 1980's. Alan Bennett was born in Leeds, Yorkshire. He grew up there and was educated there. He grew up in an ... e says "I saw this interesting looking man in the corner, next thing I find myself talking to him". Alan also gives her other qualities which don't match her stereotypical character like when she says ...

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How does Alan Bennett use dramatic techniques to manipulate your feelings towards Doris in 'A Cream Cracker Under the Settee' ?

keep them interested. He also trys to make the audience sympathise and empathise with the character.Alan Bennett was born and raised in leeds. He had a very close relationship with his mother and live ... she is saying before she says it. This also makes her sound more real to the audience.In this play Alan Bennett uses a wide variety of techniques.I think he is successful in the way he uses the techn ...

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Comedy often challenges the norm- and both Hector and Irwin offer alternative approaches to education. How serious do you think is the plays critique of education?

s something to carry you through life and not simply exams. Irwin in particular teaches with equal balance between functionalism and enrichment, presenting his own individual view on education.Hector, ... ven when you're dying. We're making your deathbeds here, boys." a short quote that sums up his nonchalant attitude towards the education system. Whilst he says his teaching is the antidote for life, i ...

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