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9 year old boy with testosterone disorder

state. Most testosterone circulates bound to two proteins, sex hormone binding protein (SHBG), and albumin. Total testosterone levels are a combination or SHBG-bound, albumin-bound, and free testoste ... erone. The bioavaible form (form that can bind to receptors) of testosterone includes that bound to albumin and the free fraction. On average albumin holds 54%, SHGB 44% and free 2% so it appears that ...

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biological molecules lab report

ch (+)-+--ObservationsBlueblackLight blueClear w/ red layer on topEgg albumin (+)--+-ObservationsblueyellowPurpleClear w/ red layer on topVe ...

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Disparities in Healthcare

also seem to be consistent between age groups. Appropriate ranges for BNP, H&H, BUN/Creatinine, Albumin, Na, K, Mg, liver function tests, thyroid studies, ABG's, PTT are just as crucial for both p ...

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