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Why Socrates should be found Guilty?

war campaign for Athens. The seize of Potidea which was the beginning of the war and where he saved Alcibiades life. He also took part in the defeat and retreat of the Athenians at Delium in Boeotia i ... tes new the leaders Critias and Charmides of the Thirty well. He was very close with them including Alcibiades. Alcibiades, Critias, and Charmides were all in the Socratic circle.There was then a coun ...

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A brief overview of Greek Philosophy: Socrates

ed until a truce was made in 421, but this was never very stable and in 415 Athens was persuaded by Alcibiades, a pupil of the Athenian teacher, Socrates, to send a huge force to Sicily in an attempt ...

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Significance of Pericles' Death

rce opposition by Nicias and other conservatives.Undertaken to satisfy the imperialist ambitions of Alcibiades, the nephew of Pericles, the second Sicilian Expedition proved to be one of the worst mis ... ent and conflicting leaders, meant that Athens never really stood a plausible chance. The fact that Alcibiades, one of the three commanders, was recalled for committing sacrilegious activities, worsen ...

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The Trial of Socrates

he tentative signing of a 50 year peace treaty in 4211 between Sparta and Athens. However, in 4201, Alcibiades, a former student of Socrates, who Socrates saved in 4321, at the battle of Potidaea, bec ... Socrates, who Socrates saved in 4321, at the battle of Potidaea, became the lead General. In 4161, Alcibiades captured Melos, and brutally killed the men and enslaved the women and children, even tho ...

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The Power of Habit: Why Alcibiades Failed to Mature

6GreviousGrevious 1The Power of Habit: Why Alcibiades' Failed To MatureIn the Platonic dialogue "Alcibiades", Socrates attempts to help Alcibia ... of thought-provoking conversation. At one point, Socrates gives a long speech (121-124b) condemning Alcibiades' main sources of pride in an attempt to prove that these traits aren't nearly as impressi ... ve that these traits aren't nearly as impressive as he thinks. A key moment in the dialogue is when Alcibiades responds to this speech by asking what kind of self-cultivation he needs to practice. Doe ...

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