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"The Lemon Orchard", by Alex La Guma: Exploring Stable Meaning, the Perversion of Nature, and Discursive Communities

South African writer Alex La Guma was an active member of his country's non-white liberation movement. One of the 156 peo ...

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Debbie CruzMay 12, 2014English 101A Walk in the Night by Alex La GumaBorn in 1925 Cape Town, Alex La Guma is a writer, a leader of the South African Coloured ... eded passports to enter South Africa. So they were basically considered aliens in their own country.Alex la Guma, very first novel presents the struggle against oppression by a group of characters in ... understand about Joe is that he is an open handed person with a good heart even though he is poor. Alex la Guma sees him as a clean heart human being. Michael and Joe also have a conservation about t ...

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