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This essay is a biography about Alexie Romanov who was the last tzar of russia.

Alexei RomanovAlexei Nicholaevich Romanov was the Last heir of Russia. When he was born on 1904, the ... cally ended six weeks after his birth. It was discovered by the family's physician, Dr. Botkin that Alexei suffered from Hemophilia. This incurable disease stops the blood from properly clotting.Becau ... e, precautions were taken by the family to prevent any accidents from occurring. Their priority was Alexei's health. Doctors were present at all times. Two sailors, Nagorny, and Derevenko, where assig ...

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"Anna Karenina": Infidelity.

The marriage of Stepan and Dolly Oblonsky fell apart due to Stepan's Russian high class lifestyle. Alexei and Anna Karenin's ill-fated marriage was based on Anna's desperate love for Vronsky. While A ... portrays the deeper truth of infidelity and its pain by narrating the chaotic relationship between Alexei and Anna Karenin. While still married to Alexei Karenin, Anna had an uncontrolled passion wit ...

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Romanov Family

d five children: Olga (23), at the time of her death, Tatiana (21), Marie (19), Anastasia (17), and Alexei (14).Alexandra had been under the influence for a long time of Grigory Novykh, better known a ... nown as Rasputin or the mad-monk. Rasputin gained his hold over Alexandra because he could heal the Alexei, who suffered from what they believed was a form of hemophilia. Alexandra began to trust his ...

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Anastasia romanov

s followed the men down to the basement where there were three chairs for the Tsar his wife and son Alexei's were to sit on. As the grand duchess's Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia a long with their ... lga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia a long with their servants lines up behind the Tsar, his wife and Alexei. The supposed photographer stated who he really was an officer of the Bolshevik secret police ...

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