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Changing Attitudes of Ferhat Abbas

e had, like many others, received entirely French education at Constantine and at the University of Algiers. After finishing his studies he had served the French Army for two year after which he found ...

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Albert Camus

n automobile-accessory firm, in a shipping company to help pay for his courses at the University of Algiers. Albert Camus then started journalism as a career. He finished early schooling, majoring in ...

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An esaay evaluating and explaining symbolism and rhetoric devices used in the novel The Stranger

ion and theme of the novel.At the end of Part I, Meursault kills an Arab; an action not uncommon in Algiers during this period of social unrest (the 1930's). He does not do it intentionally, but rathe ...

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"The Open Boat" by Crane.

on the cold and desolate seas, he does not realize the tragedy of a soldier of the legion dying in Algiers. Also, not only did he not realize the significance, he says that, "it was less to him than ...

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"The Outsider" by Albert Camus

ced in Algeria in North Africa; we can see this on the first page with the reference to Marengo and Algiers both of which are cities in Algeria. (P. 9) There are two main ethnic groups in Algeria; Ara ... ad made the best of the situation by sending his mother to such a beautiful home.Meursault lives in Algiers a city close to the Mediterranean Ocean on a tram ride away in fact. (P. 23) Meursault lives ...

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Jacques Derrida

Jacques Derrida was born in Algiers and educated in French. He was trained as a philosopher. Early in his career he published a ...

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Battle of Algiers Review

The problem, as usual, is: first, the enemy; second, how to destroy him. There are 400,000 Arabs in Algiers. All against us? Of course not. There's only a minority that rules by terror and violence. T ... perceptive film, nonetheless. I have learned many things about both the French occupation of Algiers and the way 'terrorist' cells work. Most members don't know the others. People are hired and ...

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The Mississippi River System.

m extends from New Orleans westward to the Mexican border, connecting the Mississippi River through Algiers and Harvey Locks with the important coastal harbors of Morgan City and Lake Charles, Louisia ...

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The Country of Algeria.

plateau and desert; some mountains; narrow, discontinuous coastal plain. The capital of Algeria is Algiers and there are also a lot of other wonderful cities that's in the country. To name a few othe ... norities who identify themselves as Berber live mostly in the mountainous region of Kabylie east of Algiers. The Berbers are also Muslim but identify with their Berber rather than Arab cultural herita ...

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19th Century- European Explorers

ble changes had been made in other parts of the continent, the most notable being the occupation of Algiers by France in 1830, an end being thereby put to the piratical proceedings of the Barbary stat ...

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The Stranger

several relationships in his life. The first example exists when Maman dies. People in the town of Algiers already have a chip on their shoulder towards Meursault because he sent his mother away to a ... ecially if a parent passes on, that an individual not cry during this period of time. The people of Algiers believe that since Meursault showed no emotions during his mother's funeral he was a cold he ...

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Albert Camus

literate charwoman. Frequent bouts with tuberculosis put an end to his studies at the University of Algiers. It also kept him from doing some of the things he loved like playing soccer and his life in ...

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Short Explanation of: The 6 Day War, Gulf War, and Iraqi War

s were threatened.The Gulf WarThis war started when Saddam Hussein publicly destroyed a copy of the Algiers Agreement. This action spurred a war against Iran in September 1908. The rest of the ten yea ...

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Operation Torch

ritish General Charles Ryder. with 33,000, of which 23,000 were British. His mission was to capture Algiers.Which all the soldiers all together were 1,800 who would take part of Operation Torch. Battl ...

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study at the Academe Suisse.In the year 1861, Monet was selected by lottery for military service in Algiers. Monet contracted typhoid and was given six months convalescence recovery. The next year, hi ...

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Battle of Algiers: Reaction

The raw, gritty style of The Battle of Algiers makes the film feel akin to a documentary, with a phantom crew, rather than a movie. Shaky c ... film to the cinematography made me become more involved with the characters and events occurring in Algiers. Though many of the actors were not professionals by any standard, it only added to its conv ... d murdered policemen to arm themselves. “Terrorism” was essential in winning the fight in Algiers. They were standing at the feet of a giant.The will of the inhabitants of the casaba to achi ...

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A Leaf in the wind

remembered a poem, "He had never considered it his affair that a soldier of the legion lay dying in Algiers, nor had it appeared to him as a matter for sorrow" (213). Only after such an experience can ...

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Albert Camus

té d'emplois tandis qu'il est inscrit comme etudiant de philosophie a l'université de Algiers. Il a recu son diplôme d'études supérieures pour son these sur la relati ...

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