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Computer Security, Defines encryption and explain how it is used to protect transmission of information

text (the intelligible text or signals that can be read without using decryption), according to the algorithm in use and the specific key.The other method is Transposition (rearrangement characters) w ... vel of security is required, therefore, I would suggest the use of encryption method with a complex algorithm involved. Although an authentication method is a secure method as well, is not as complex ...

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An algorithm which allows the user to input a variable number of examination marks, calculates the average and prints the average.

he number is not guessed correctly the game is restarted with another child.Application 2Develop an algorithm, again using pseudocode, which allows the user to input a variable number of examination m ... ted into a chosen computer language -possibly Pascal, C++, Fortran, etc. The steps of designing the algorithm for each problem are written in plain English suitable for the user to convert them into a ...

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Robots Will Never Experience Emotion

tter how complex the artificial intelligence is because they only follow commands and comply to the algorithm that is given to them. Robots can not and will not have the capacity to think like a human ... ll never have the ability to compare themselves to humans. Robots only follow commands inside thier algorithms and comply to the manner in which it's creator have made them to act upon. A widely known ...

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The Usefullness and Differences of Search Engines

ge. Google is a very successful search engine that owes its success to a very reliable search logic algorithm, good interpretation of data and simple, but useful web design.The goal of every search en ... ntended search. The mechanism that allows Google to provide relevant information is a complex logic algorithm, which was developed by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, two Stanford University engineers.The ...

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Artificial Intellidence / wit Ref.

er, then what makes the task of making a computer think like a human an impossible task? The simple algorithm was named ELIZA, created in 1965, and it consisted of pre-programmed phrases aimed at a us ...

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Web Site Personalization By Learning User Profile

tion 4presents the details of the data structures used and also demonstrate the use of graph centricalgorithms in adapting a website and also discusses our core algorithm and how an adaptiveWeb Site P ... pace. The terms are usually stems ofactual words found in the documents. The stemming is done using algorithms such as Porter'salgorithm, as discussed later in this paper. Figure 1 shows the multidime ...

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Decision Tree

ive nodes that will contain subsets of the data. One important characteristic of the tree splitting algorithm is that it is greedy. Greedy algorithms make decisions locally rather than globally. When ... ake decisions locally rather than globally. When deciding on a split at a particular node, a greedy algorithm does not look forward in the tree to see if another decision would produce a better overal ...

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Algorithm Dilemma

Algorithm is a clearly defined procedure for obtaining the solution to a general type of problem, of ... clearly defined procedure for obtaining the solution to a general type of problem, often numerical. Algorithm is a step-by-step problem-solving procedure, especially an established, recursive computat ... stablished, recursive computational procedure for solving a problem in a finite number of steps. An algorithm might repeat in steps but it. So the problem can be solved. It might take a number of year ...

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Advance Artificial Intelligance

finity, the Nash equilibrium tends to the Pareto optimum.Prisoners DilemmaPrisoners Dilemma genetic algorithmProblemProgram the prisoners dilemma problem (PDP) to find the best strategy in maximizing ... the best playing strategy to gain the maximum score facing the opponent strategy using the Genetic Algorithm.Design IssuesImplementing the previously proposed methodology has been achieved as follows ...

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Deconstructing Architecture Using EvenHookey

ssion, it has ample historical precedence. In this work we argue not only that the seminal embedded algorithm for the visualization of I/O automata by Richard Stearns et al. runs in O(log n) time, but ... is quagmire, we explore an analysis of 802.11b (EvenHookey), demonstrating that the famous lossless algorithm for the deployment of local-area networks by I. Bhabha [4] is optimal. Third, we place our ...

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ImproveACop - Programming Development Proposal

envisage our system look and also how the game will flow through a series of menus and action areas.Algorithms The system should essentially be comprised of a number of algorithms. They are outlined b ... They are outlined below.An Algorithm to adjust difficulty by altering times and scores required.An Algorithm to manage which stages and rankings have been passed and achieved respectively.An Algorith ...

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Essential IT

ed to consist of the following six steps: 1 Define the problem 2 Outline the solution 3 Develop the algorithm 4 Test the algorithm 5 Code the algorithm 6 Run the program on a computer Defining the pro ... uired solution; Process: the operations needed to turn the inputs into the outputs.Problems Develop algorithms for the following: 1 A program is required to read three numbers, add them together, and ...

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The Role God Plays

editations and Society As Descartes develops The Meditations God becomes demystified and more of an algorithm to explain existence. This is inevitable in his meditations because by doubting everything ... educed the dependance of God in the explanation of how everything works.Descartes turns god into an algorithm, a mathematical reference point that everything can be based upon. Descartes rationales th ...

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secure networks (like the Internet) so that only the intended recipient can read it.A cryptographic algorithm (or cipher) is a mathematical function used in the encryption and decryption process. It w ... e security of encrypted data is entirely dependent on two things: the strength of the cryptographic algorithm and the secrecy of the key. A cryptosystem is comprised of a cryptographic algorithm, plus ...

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o its original state [4]. The entire scheme is called a cryptosystem and is usually a collection of algorithms. The original information which needs to be secured is called plaintext. The "key" known ... ginal information which needs to be secured is called plaintext. The "key" known as a cipher@ is an algorithm used to perform the encryption as well as the reverse, decryption. Finally the encrypted f ...

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Problem solving

at the best solution you possibly can. There are two different types of solutions to a problem. An Algorithmic Solution and a Heuristic Solution. To make it simple an Algorithmic Solution requires a ... uires a step by step solution. You provide a step by step guide. These steps are referred to as the Algorithm. For a Heuristic Solution however are not as easy as a step by step guide. This requires a ...

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Edge Detection Algorithms Description: Two important edge detection algorithms from Sobel and Canny have been compared with a brief comparison of their features.

Edge Detector Algorithms � PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT �14� AbstractThis paper investigates and prese ... investigates and presents mathematical and experimental foundation of two important edge detection algorithms. Sobel and Canny edge detectors have been compared with a brief comparison of their featu ... d with a brief comparison of their features.�IntroductionEdge detection and edge enhancement algorithms are at the heart of image processing and are considered relatively beginner level topics ...

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Why should you hire me?

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