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A trip to Costa Rica

re are semi-shallow, flowing streams and muddy banks that slow down travel. If you have a powerful, all-terrain vehicle, you will see monkeys, snakes, and gargantuan insects.The monkeys are a favorite ...

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ATV's (all terrian vehicles)

Wonderful All Terrain VehiclesATV's, All Terrain Vehicle's, are amazing and exhilarating pieces of equipment in the world. ... asic Rules and RegulationsSome basic rues in which to keep the safe being of society.i)all off-road vehicles must have registration with the Ministry of Transportation.operators over the age of 16 to ... ators over the age of 16 to register a vehicle.iii) registration is not needed for thosewho use the vehicle for specific agriculture functions.iv)ATV's are recreational, and can be used for other purp ...

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The Summary of "All Terrain, Anywhere, Any time?"

magazine "Nature Canada" was written by Glen Semenchuk. It presents the transformation of the ATV (all-terrain vehicle) from a working machine to primarily recreation equipment leads a controversy be ... ep their riding areas open, the author, as a advocator, still enumerates and analyses in detail the all-terrain vehicle illogical using inflict negative impact and damage to our environment and societ ...

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Why a Raptor 350 is better than a 400EX

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