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Race, Sexuality, and Discrimination: A look at prejudice through the book "Black Like Me," and the movie "Paris is Burning."

Assume for a second that everyone is equal. All things considered, the mere deliberation of this draws close to impossibility. Identity is malle ... d recounting of the steps he took to turn from white to black, then his life as a black man, and finally the media attention he got after his experience became known. The most fascinating part of the ... the South. New Orleans was tolerant. Mississippi was harshly intolerant to the point that even casually glancing at a poster with a white woman on it could get a black man into trouble. People tolera ...

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Consider the relationship established between Willy and Linda in the opening of the play. What do we learn here about their marriage? What clues to future events are subtly being introduced here?

p between Willy and Linda as quite one-sided, because of Linda's supportive nature; this unintentionally leads to his tragic downfall.She acts as a mother and in a very sweet manner with him because s ... s problems and feels she is the one in charge of making him feel better. This could add to his downfall because it presents her as more of a mother figure than a wife. Mothering Willy means that she p ...

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