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The Use of English Subtitled Anime in Enhancing the Reading Skill of Selected Gade 8 Students of Lecheria National High School, A.Y. 2013-2014

s from this study to help them in their future career.Theoretical Perspective / Conceptual FrameworkAllan Paivio'sDual Coding Theory (1971) attempts to give equal weight to verbal and non-verbal proce ... , an essential process for foreign language acquisition (Doughty, 2004).From the proposed theory of Allan Paivio (1975), which is called the Dual Coding Theory (DCT), this explains how learners use co ...

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Dual coding

io, 1986).The individual who was at the fore front of the development of the dual coding theory was Allan Paivio. He did research in the area of verbal and nonverbal representations during the 1960's. ... lity (1966) and; Mental imagery in associative learning and memory (1969), ( Paivio, 1986). In 1971 Allan Paivio presented his revolutionary paper, Imagery and Verbal Processes. As a result of this pa ...

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