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The Structure and functions of proteins. This was a timed essay done in 30mins. HUMAN BIOLOGY

The secondary structure is formed by hydrogen bonds joining the chains in certain places to make an alpha helix or a beta sheet. The tertiary structure is formed by even more folding and joining of th ...

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Enzyme Summary

at add to the protein's overall conformation. There are two types of secondary structures. They are alpha helixes and beta pleated sheets. Alpha helixes are helical coils stabilized by a hydrogen bond ...

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Study notes on the structure and function of various groups of molecules including proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids (fats)

ult of hydrogen bonds at regular intervals along the polypeptide backbone-Folding produces a spiral Alpha Helix associated with globular proteins-Folding may produce a beta-pleated sheet associated wi ...

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BIOLOGY - Proteins: How They Work By, Jin Chang (me)

up of the first structure due to hydrogen bonds. The most common of the secondary structure is the alpha helix which makes a spiral like 3-D shape. The tertiary structure is the 3-D shape that determ ...

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Proteins and their uses in the cell

is the secondary structure, which is some basic common shapes that are found within a protein. The alpha helix and beta sheet are the two main examples of this. There can be many of both of these wit ...

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Protein Synthesis

cture would resemble continuous spikes forming a horizontal strip. The second type of folding is an alpha helix, which goes vertically forming a wavy line. An alpha helix is in the same shape of one s ...

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The Use of the Green Fluorescent Protein and Its Application in the Study of Biochemistry

ven anti-parallel beta strands make up the densely compact beta-barrel, where small sections of the alpha helix form internal caps on the cylinders (Prasher D.C. et al. 1992, p. 229). This irregular a ...

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