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s is a better insulator to water under the same conditions for 5mins the materials are Bubble wrap, Aluminium foil, Cotton wool and Tissue paper.Prediction: I predict that Bubble wrap or cotton wool w ... idly which then in turn make their neighbouring atoms vibrate more.Apparatus:Copper Tin=Bubble wrap=Aluminium foil=Thermometer=Cotton wool=Tissue paper=Elastic band=Electric kettle=Method:1. We put wa ...

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History: Southern American History: The Roswell Mystery. What do you think is the truth?

ct which crashed in the desert was a helium filled weather balloon, carrying a radar target made of aluminium foil..."(Stenner, 2000, P.3). Another official press released by the U.S. Air force in Oct ...

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Prac 4

eter 1 magnifying glass 1 glass stirring rod 2 safety goggles Materials: Copper chloride dihydrate, Aluminium foil, 8cm x 8cm CuC12 - 2H20 Procedure: A small amount of copper chloride dihydrate was pu ...

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Aluminium Extraction from the Lithosphere

Pure aluminium is a relatively soft, silvery white metal. When exposed to air, a thin coating of Aluminiu ... and has great strength when alloyed, it doesn’t rust and has high electrical conductivity, and Aluminium is also ductile, making it a very useful metal. Aluminium readily makes alloys with copper ... y useful metal. Aluminium readily makes alloys with copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese and silicon. Aluminium foil is 92-99% pure aluminium. Other uses of aluminium alloys include computers (all Apple ...

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