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Teenage Suicide

Teenage SuicideThe killing of own life intentionally is referred as suicide. Over the pastyears, American society has been concerned about this issue, especiallyteenage suicide. The suicide rate am ... 9 of the 30items were important to be discussed with their teenage children. This surveyshowed that American parents are somehow concerned about suicide amongteenagers. This concern is pervasive among ...

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Reaction to an article on Dole and Clinton's campaign

explains why Dole's criticisms did not affect Clinton.Stengel begins the article by discussing how American parents do not want their children to aspire to become President as much as they used to. M ... Clinton, but they still prefer Clinton as President. This notion comes from the reasoning that most Americans are only concerned with whether or not the country and its citizens are taken care of, and ...

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Tainted Yellow

and expectations were different than those of my friends. Unlike my friends, I was raised by Asian-American parents. My parents wanted me to win the spelling bee, to be the next piano prodigy, go to ... . So from that point on, I was reminded to never be late to anything again.So growing up with Asian American parents has its up and its downs. I feel like I've learned a lot from living with them for ...

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"Why Japan's Students Outdo Ours," BY: Laurence Steinberg

to say that in Japan, the mothers play a major role in their children's education, in comparison to American mothers, who want their children to succeed, but do very little to help. The problems that ... nd school in general. Therefore, he says that the suggestion of raising the education level in each American school could help, but still students need to take school more seriously. Moreover, the par ...

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Asian-American problems

nd truths. Maintain a sense of family history or trying to blend in and assimilate with the rest of American, is one of the problems that many minorities in general are facing to. One of these minorit ... inorities in general are facing to. One of these minorities that suffer from this problem are Asian-Americans. While Asian-American has a very rich culture, often they suffer from problems of identity ...

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"Rebel Without A Cause" Movie Review

thout a Cause" made quite a splash when it was released in 1955. Fat and happy in the postwar boom, American parents spent a lot of time patting themselves on the back for they way they were raising t ...

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Is the Simpson's The Perfect Family?

acters.Marie Winn, the author of "Television and Family Life" examines the effects of television on American parents and their children. She believes that because of television, thequality of the nucl ... the savaging of an old order it once helped set in stone… the demolition of the last ordered American 'way of life'" (McKibben 203). McKibben feels that even though many of the morals and value ...

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Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Results

participants were selected by simple random sampling and were considered a representative sample of American parents. The sample included 2060 respondents (Runk, 2007).The data appeared to be collecte ...

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William Shockley

William Shockley: Father of the Bipolar TransistorWilliam Shockley was born in 1910 to American parents in London, England. He graduated from the California Institute of Technology before ...

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