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HIV the Silent Killer

Like the majority of the American population I have lived in a cloud of ignorance about the HIV and AIDS crisis. I have never ...

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A paper on patriotism

"Americans are patriots, we are loyal, we are soldiers and we will do anything for our country, when ... adversity, we will overcome it, when we are ordered by authorities we will listen." That is what an American is.In the book Huckleberry Finn, Americanism was a big thing, if you weren't American or wh ... t white you were bought by someone, enslaved, and forced to work in the fields and on the farm. The American population was a selfish thing during these times, but the majority of the people felt this ...

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This is a research paper on the Media at war and how it affected the public at home.

negative influence the media had on the public. The media in the Vietnam War brought home images of American soldiers and Vietnamese civilians getting killed therefore turning the public against the w ... ing the public against the war and the military. World War II on the other hand was a war where the American population was very supportive to the troops over seas due to the positive influence the me ...

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Brainwashing American Democracy

Brainwashing American Democracy"United States Policies in Columbia Support Mass Murder." "NAFTA Destroys Farming ... roject Censored book "Censored 2003: Top 25 Censored Stories of 2001-2002."Some people consider the American population to be the most ignorant and worst informed population in the world. Every year, ... ws stories are not covered and censored in the main media in the United States. The majority of the American population gets its information from newspapers, magazines and channels that are overwhelmi ...

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Different reactions in the USA to the Vietnam conflict.

Throughout the war there were two very clear reactions from the American population to the country's involvement in Vietnam; the pro-war (supporters of the war) and ... the end of the war the main factor of the US's withdrawal and loss was the lack of support from the American people, as compared to the vast majority of people being pro-war in the beginning and turni ... the majority of the US population were pro-war. There were many reasons for taking this view. Most Americans would listen to and respect their presidents and the stirring speech by President Kennedy ...

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Racism Post 911.

A Post-Pearl Harbor vs. USA Post-9/11SociologyDraft #2When the September 11th Tragedy occurred, the American people were devastated. Many sat in front of their television sets watching the horrifying ... PearlHarbor) After that though, the incarceration of the immigrant Japanese as well as the Japanese-American population is brought to light. They were incarcerated because of their potential threat to ...

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A study on problems faced by Asian Indian Americans in the US. Includes a bibliography.

The United States is experiencing a growing Asian Indian American population. As a community, the Indian American population in the United States has dramati ... ates that this community has grown at a rate of 7.6 percent a year in the last ten years The Indian American community is now the third largest Asian American group in the country behind Chinese and F ... ian American group in the country behind Chinese and Filipino Americans, whereas in 1990 the Indian Americans ranked fourth in the group, behind Japanese Americans (US Census Bureau, 2002; Pattnayak, ...

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"Affluenza"- the disease of spending money.

oney on unneeded objects; an obsession with things; greed; and self-absorption. The majority of the American population suffers from this disease called Affluenza. However, it isn't just the people's ... nly does this disease affect people but it in addition, it also effects the environment. Every year Americans are recycling less and less. They throw away 7 million cans a year, 2 million bottles, and ...

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Vegetarian Diet.

Fajitas, which one consume for the taste of tongue, is not good for him/her. More than half of the American population depends on fast food, which is mainly the consumption of meat and cheese. One sh ... e studies have shown that vegetarians in the United States are healthier and live longer than other Americans. Vegetarianism is practiced by some religious groups, including Hindus and Seventh-day Adv ...

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This is an essay on the north and southern conditions before the civil war.

f which eighty-seven percent were black. Northerners made up about seventy-one percent of the total American population, while the South accounted for twenty-nine percent. So, the South was greatly ou ...

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How Andrew Jackson was portrayed as both a states' rightist and as a nationalist

he hero of the Battle of New Orleansand had captured the dedicated loyalty of a vast segment of the American population. He waswidely acclaimed as the symbol of what the new American thought himself t ...

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To what extent did America "roar" for all Americans in the 1920's?

In America, the 1920's were considered to be a 'roaring' time for all Americans. However, it seems to be that this 'roar' was an illusion for some Americans. This time wa ... nal product was $74 billion, by 1229, it was $104.4 billion, but how much of this was affecting all Americans. Within this essay, I will be looking at different actions, which affected different peopl ... arn enough to buy food, clothing and basic shelter) had increased to an estimated 42 percent of the American population.Many people through out America thought alcohol was harmful and dangerous and we ...

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Humans: Corrupted from Within by Their Own(Nievete of the American Population)

Humans: Corrupted from Within by Their Own(Nievete of the American Population)The tragedies throughout our history emulate the fact that the American populati ... cember 7th, 1941. So in my eyes Pearl Harbor was a rather expected strike that was delivered to the American government, although they passed it off as a complete surprise, rather superbly I must add. ... y information hinting at the possibility of an attack", she said, "After the devastating attack the American Government was in shock, as George bush so distinctly stated in his remorseful speech that ...

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Games today, too violent?

otion imaging. As technology grew more and more advanced, electronics began its introduction to the American population at an earlier age. Consequentially, as violent outbreaks and incidents amongst y ...

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Modernism, Modernists in American Literature, Robert Frost, Wallace Stevens, Ezra Pound, and T.S Eliot.

Untill Modernism it is possible to see the American authors write about different themes, they wrote about dreams, fantasy, gothic, nature, fri ... nt themes, they wrote about dreams, fantasy, gothic, nature, friendship. Till early of 20th century Americans have no real problems even a culture. Between 1860-1900 the immigration started, American ... eople immigration to America. America want these people because they want to better economy in 1920 American population increase from 36 million to 120 million. This explosion of population brings man ...

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Considering the economic status of black Americans and Hispanics in the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's, it is easy to be cynical about the accomplishments of their reform movements in the 1960s

extent and character of the new immigration was causing a dramatic change in the composition of the American population. By the end of the twentieth century, people of white European background made u ... ean background made up under 80 percent of the population. Latinos were significant segments of the American population for many decades. The group experienced enormous growth after 1965. People from ...

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"Should drugs be legalized" (opinion essay)

as this article.Drugs have been the most critical problem in the U.S for many years. A majority of American population thinks that drugs should not be legalized, but on the other hand a very few quan ...

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Misuse of Antibiotics

re people start dying from the common cold or strep throat. A survey concluded that over 1/2 of the American population would rather take uneeded medicine then pay between 10-100 dollars to listen to ... prescription medication addictions because they prescibe these medicine "because they can"! We, as americans, need to fix this problem fast!!

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When is too old to drive?

cle accidents than any other age group, except teenagers (Safe Senior Citizen Driving para1).Today, Americans are living longer due to healthier lifestyle, increased exercise, greater awareness of nut ... individual is 65 today, the possibility of that individual reaching to see age 90 is very high. The American population is increasingly getting older, in the next 20 years the Census Bureau predicts t ...

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Why is the TV on?

Television today fills the free time for both children and adults. In an average American home, television is on an average of six hours a day. A study was put forth to examine: ... average of six hours a day. A study was put forth to examine: To asses the prevalence in the American population of heavy exposure of children 0-6 yrs. Of age To examine differences in t ...

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