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Charles Dickens

novels. He started school at the age of nine, but his education was interrupted when his father, an amiable but careless minor civil servant, was imprisoned for debt in 1824. The boy was then forced t ...

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Review of Jane Austen's Persuasion

oung woman's struggles with love, friendship and family. Anne Elliot who is pretty, intelligent and amiable, had some years before been engaged to a young naval officer, Frederick Wentworth, but had b ...

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Peter the Great vs. Catherine the Great--Who Was Greater?

wer.Like many other rulers who rule with an iron fist, Czar Peter I was not someone one would label amiable or even simply cold to others--he was cruel. He was a tall man who possessed a fiery temper, ...

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Oedipus rex by Sophocles.

ed dealt with Oedipus' value of reasoning, intellect, and inquiry.Sophocles portrayed Oedipus as an amiable character that the Greek audience could sympathize with and perhaps even relate with. The au ...

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How a Mischievious and Magical Monkey Named Ho Saves Three Men from the Frigid Grip of Winter

ds and owned and worked the land jointly so that they could be more efficient. The men were usually amiable around each other, but today they were unusually cantankerous because they had to harvest th ...

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A short characterization on a character named Darcourt in a short story. example of a characterization.

t is interviewing Miss Hulda Schnakenburg, a.k.a. "Schnak" for a scholarship, and Schnak isn't very amiable. Darcourt's multipersonalities are very much on the contrary.Darcourt admits to himself that ...

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This is a summary of Daisy Miller and it's characters

cribes the character Winterbourne in his story Daisy Miller: A Study by saying "He was an extremely amiable fellow, and universally liked." His descriptions of the characters in this story allow us to ... ards throughout this whole romantic episode. Stating that Daisy is "The most beautiful and the most amiable and the most innocent" (318). He expects his good name to conquer and yet it is love in the ...

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"Terror Created" an analysis of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado."

severe (1146). So, upon the initial meeting and throughout the sequence of events, he is incredibly amiable, calling Fortunato "my friend" and declaring how pleased he was to see him, the tension begi ...

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"A midsummer Nights dream" book report

n love with such a vile creature as Bottom. "Come, sit thee down upon this flow'ry bed, while I thy amiable cheeks do coy, and stick muskroses in thy sleek smooth head, and kiss thy fair large ears, m ...

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In what ways does this dialogue develop your response to Othello in the play as a whole?

mer, and could almost readThe thoughts of people. She told her, while she kept it,It would make her amiable and subdue my fatherEternity to her love, but if she lost itOr made a gift of it, my fathers ...

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Alcohol's Effects on the Liver

Americans love libations and mind-altering substances and the loquacious and amiable effects the abuse of which has on them. In order to survive these "high times" human livers ...

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Why and with what success did the UN intervene in the Korean War?

council. With the two communist giants away from the conference table, the US only had two other of amiable allies and a handful of GA countries that would not dare to stand up to the most influential ...

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A Tale of Bonding: Plenty of "Show Me" details, scnenery, etc. Can be used for either guy or girl.

el was already asleep on one of the old wooden picnic benches. Noel was an American-Mexican with an amiable disposition and a curly afro. Dan was on the other side of the beach attempting to raise som ...

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s thought to have been born around April 1, 742 at a disputed location. He was a German man and had amiable qualities such as strength of body, courage of spirit, pride of race. He was the oldest son ...

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With reference to named areas explain how Soil, Climate and Relief affect Population Density

due to the poor soils, low temperatures and high rainfall. Lowlands on the other hand are much more amiable, the land is easily farmed and easy to build on, much more appropriate for settlement; there ...

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Socialzing At RIT

om home and thus mental security is a very big factor. The atmosphere out here is very friendly and amiable. It has helped me become more social. I have become more open while conversing with people w ...

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Sins Of Defilement

James was murdered - in his own home.Christine fell to her knees, trying to digest the fact that an amiable teenager could be murdered. She took in several deep breaths, trying to steady herself."Why ...

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To Kill A Mockingbird: Unfair Trial Essay

idence, and opposing evidence, does not deserve a guilty verdict. Judge Taylor, shown as an "amiable, white-haired and ruddy-faced" man, becomes faced with the running of an unjust law sy ...

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Childrens Hour

eads very well. He can also add and multiply numbers. His conduct last quarter was very correct and amiable." As a young child, Henry always admired literature. His mother would read to him and ...

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