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Resistance in wires.

ength of wire and measure the effect on the resistance.Apparatus: 3 wires of widths 28, 30 and 36.1 ammeter - to measure the current in amps4 crocodile clips - attach to the wires6 leads - use to conn ... ferent volts for the input. I measure the output voltage using a voltmeter and the current using an ammeter.Power packVariable resistorAmmeterWireVoltmeterVariables to keep fair test:·Length of ...

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Investigating how the length of wire affects the resistance

p as in the circuit diagram below. It is important that the voltmeter is set up in parallel and the ammeter in series.Circuit Diagram:I will work out from the readings of the voltmeter and ammeter the ... ce in ohms.Equipment:* Power supply* Constantan Wire 1m* Voltmeter* Ammeter* Metre ruler* Crocodile Clips* Calculator* Connecting WiresP ...

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Plan for Science Course Work The Resistance of Lengths of Wire

fferent lengths of wire by inserting it into the circuit shown below and record the readings of the ammeter in a table. I will then calculate the resistance by dividing the potential difference, which ... clearer. For this same reason I will use only one thickness and kind of wire.I will check that the ammeter and voltmeter that I use have their needles on zero before I integrate them into my circuit ...

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Electro-Static Revision Notes

Rule - charge must always be conserved, it cannot be created or destroyed.*Current measured with an ammeter, voltage measured with a voltmeter.*Current (I) = Charge (Q) / Time (t)*Coulomb (C) is amoun ...

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The change of resistance through various lengths of wire.

d in parallel with the component. (examples of components are light bulbs, resistors)§ Ammeter - current is the flow of electrons which is measured in Amps (A) by using an ammeter.§ ... a boardDiagram to show the apparatus in useSTEP BY STEP PLAN1. Measure the current from the ammeter and the voltage from the voltmeter to make sure that they work.2. Change the variabl ...

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Investigating how the resistance of a wire Changes with length

ing through the circuit not allowing them to rapidly conduct.ApparatusFor this experiment I used...*Ammeter*Voltmeter*Wires (with crocodile clips.)*Battery Pack*Meter stick*Nichrome WireThis diagram o ... the eventual outcome of the experiment.MethodTo begin with we collected all the required equipment ammeter, voltmeter, wires (with crocodile clips), battery pack, meter stick, Nichrome wire. We set t ...

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Factors affecting the resistance of a wire

e.APPARATUS:v NICHROME WIREv POWER PACKv METER RULERv CROCODILE CLIPSv SELLOTAPEv CONNECTION LEADSv AMMETERv VOLTMETERv VARIABLE RESISTORDIAGRAM:A VMETHOD:I started of with the experiment by setting u ... to be careful in connecting the circuit, because the voltmeter had to be placed in parallel and the ammeter, which had to be placed in series. The Nichrome wire was cut to just over 100cm so the croco ...

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Hows does changing the length of wire affect resistance?

ping the material the same.METHODAPPARATUSCrocodile ClipsPower Supply (Power Pack)WiresChrome NickelAmmeterVoltmeterMetal Ruler4.5v bulbMETHOD STEPS(BASIC OVERVIEW)Decide which wire to use by creating ... the wire and attach to a metre ruler.Ÿ Check equipment works well;Power sourceConnecting wiresAmmeterVoltmeterŸ Set up the appropriate circuitŸ decrease the length of wire by 10cms&Yum ...

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How the Length of a Wire Affects its Resistance

ire. Current is the rate of flow of charge through a conductor, and it is measured in amps using an ammeter.To help me plan my investigation I have completed a preliminary experiment in which I invest ... the resistance in ohms (W).Equipment:The equipment that I will use is:- power pack- ammeter- voltmeter- 30 SWG (diameter) constantan wire- 1 metre ruler- ...

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Lab: latent heat of vaporisation.

eaker, tap water, 0 to 110°C-glass tube thermometer, ice cubes, stop watch, Voltmeter (0-20 V), Ammeter(0-2 A), NiCr wire, Crocodile Clips, digital scaleProcedure:i) Assemble the apparatus ... gnificant. Measure the mass of the water (total mass - mass of empty beaker). Read of voltmeter and ammeter, readings should stay constant. Do NOT add additional energy at any point during the experim ...

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A Physics Investigation of the Resistance: Of A Piece of Wire?

nnecting plastic coated wires,2 Crocodile clips,1 Single stranded piece of wire (1.0 metres long),1 Ammeter,1 Voltmeter,1 1.0 meter ruler.SafetyThis experiment is not too dangerous but it could be if ... rong then I have two other ones to compare it with so I know if a result is abnormal. I am using an Ammeter to get an accurate current readingand not relying on the approximate readings on the power p ...

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To investigate the factors of affecting the resistance of a wire.

am going to use the nichrome wire as a conductor and I will be measuring the resistance by using an ammeter and a voltmeter because electricity can pass through the nichrome wire and the voltmeter wil ... ricity can pass through the nichrome wire and the voltmeter will give me the volts produced and the ammeter will give me the amps produce, therefore these readings can be used to find the resistance.T ...

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Resistance of a wire (GCSE corsework)

e effect the resistance of the wire. I will be setting up the wire to a circuit and will be using a ammeter and volt metre to record my results.Background informationElectric current is a flow of elec ... have high resistance and resist the flow of the electrons. The current is measured in amps using an ammeter.Potential difference provides push to drive the current round the circuit; potential differe ...

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Preliminary test - how different wire of different materials affect the resistance

ether, the higher the resistance).Apparatus:RulerCopper wireBattery packNichrome wireCrocodile clipsAmmeterVoltmeterAluminium wireStep 1: I am firstly going to set up my circuit as demonstrated. I am ... ted. I am going to attach the copper wire to begin with. It is important to remember to connect the ammeter in series and the voltmeter in parallel.Step 2: Once the circuit is connected up correctly a ...

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This is a note/assignment for class

water wheel.-A voltmeter measures the voltage drop in a circuit. The Si unit for voltage is (V)-An ammeter measures the amount of electric current flowing past a point in a circuit. Depending on the ...

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Physics Coursework Electrical Resistance of A Wire

is the list of apparatus that I will be suing:- Thin/Thick constantan wire- Thin/Thick copper wire- Ammeter- 1 Metre RulerMethod- Firstly I gathered all the materials I needed.- Then I cut off 80.0cm ... I then placed the wires I was testing against the 1 metre ruler.- I then connected two wires to the ammeter, and connected the other two ends to each wire I was testing. I then moved one of the connec ...

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The Radio Amateur's Handbook - Book review

o all you new comers and especially to you former Citizens Band operators who are switching over to ammeter radio in record numbers” (page 1.)2 “Visualize an electric light bulb, to which ha ... o all you new comers and especially to you former Citizens Band operators who are switching over to ammeter radio in record numbers” (page 1.)This quote really surprised me because during the mid ...

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Physic Sc1 Resistance Of A Wire

istance of a wire.Predicted Graph Circuit Diagram The apparatus I will use is: battery pack, leads, ammeter, constantan wire (0.25 mm), ruler, crocodile clip and a voltmeter.I did a practical in which ... going to set up a circuit as shown in the diagram. I am using 3V in my battery pack. I will use the ammeter to record the current. The current must remain constant. The wavy line is the resistance wir ...

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Physics (Resistance Of A Wire) Plan

stigating how length affects the resistance of a wire. This means I will be taking readings from an ammeter and also a voltmeter at different lengths of a wire. It will be powered by a power pack in w ... o that it equals 5 cm, turn on the power and take readings from the voltmeter (analogue) and on the ammeter (digital). Repeat the experiment with increments of 5 cm until the length of the wire is 60c ...

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Planning & Designing Experiment: Investigating the current - potential difference relationship (IV Characteristics) for a metal wire.

inverse of conductance, the resistance of the wire will be ascertained. Apparatus: 1. Voltmeter 2. Ammeter 3. 10 cm Metal Wire 4. 10 Cells 5. Conventional Wire 6. Rheostat or Variable Resistor 7. Swi ... anging - The p.d. through the metal wire is varied by the rheostat. Measured - The current from the ammeter is measured. - The potential difference from the voltmeter is measured. - The length of the ...

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