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Plan for Science Course Work The Resistance of Lengths of Wire

t's resistance.Research:Ohm is the common unit of electrical resistance, equivalent to one volt per ampere and represented by the capital Greek letter omega. The resistance of a wire is directly propo ...

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Electro-Static Revision Notes

nt (I) = Charge (Q) / Time (t)*Coulomb (C) is amount of charge passing a point when a current of an ampere flows for a second.*Electricity is conducted only through material soluble in water when in w ...

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This is a note/assignment for class

circuit. Depending on the electrical appliance, the current varies. The SI unit for current is the ampere (A)-When electricity meets resistance, the electrical energy is changed into one of 4 types o ...

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HSC Physics – Motors and Generators – Summary Notes

uctor right angle to field = strong. Parallel = no force.•Force between current carrying wiresoAmpere’s Law: F = k I1 I2 ldF = force between two wires (N)k = ampere’s constant = 2.0 X 1 ...

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Electromagnetism - Mass spectrometers

sm.Oersted's findings sparked the interest of the scientific community. Within a year, Andre- Marie Ampere, discovered and quantified new scientific theories. Specifically, Ampere investigated the mec ... forces between current-carrying conductors and their magnetic fields. It is appropriate then, that Ampere named this new branch of science 'electrodynamics', given that he observed movement due to el ...

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