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Is Tiger Parenting Truly the Best Choice ?

Tiger Parenting prohibits children 's creativity. In her essay "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior?", Amy Chua, the Yale professor, who recently wrote a book on this topic, gives us a general picture of ... >Chua, Amy. "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior" The Wall Street Journal ( 8 January ,2011 ). <http://onli ...

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Amy Chua

Amy Chua and Hannah Rosin: a comparison and contrast of parenting stylesIn recent years, Yale profes ... an be most clearly seen: attitudes to success, attitudes to self-esteem, and attitudes to happiness.Amy Chua's model of parenting has success at its core. Chua sums up the Chinese approach to activiti ... nctly from each other. It can be argued that the idea of happiness is almost completely absent from Amy Chua's template. Chua says, "Chinese parents believe that they know that is best for their child ...

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Explanatory synthesis essay

Superior Chinese mothers raise superior Chinese childrenAmy Chua is the author of "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior". In the article she describes the diffe ... p:// mothers are strict, Amy Chua made that clear when she mentioned what her children were never allowed to do. The list of ... es. Chinese culture insist that practice makes perfect and nothing is fun until you are good at it. Amy Chua is the face of Chinese mothers being superior and to follow her will be her children.Refere ...

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