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The definiton of civilized

Aztec were consideredto be one of the most civilized group of Indians in the western hemisphere.The Anasazi, commonly called cave-dwellers, who from birth, used woodand bindings to elongate the head. ...

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Chaco Canyon

The Anasazi, who were named by the Navajos, knew how to chart theseasons by observing the sky. The bigge ... s, knew how to chart theseasons by observing the sky. The biggest mystery of Chaco Canyon is why theAnasazidecided to leave the home that they had built over so many years. the one thingthat is quite ... se areas were grouped into 7 communities that are located at variousplaces within the district. The Anasazi Indians lived in the Piedra Valley beginning aboutthe tine of Christ. Most of them lives at ...

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The Hopi indian.

ue tribe because of their culture and extremely old society. The Hopi are direct descendants of the Anasazi, A group of pueblo Indians. "The Hopi name comes from "hopituh Shi-nu-mu", meaning" the peac ... lways lived in the Black Mesa area though their lands used to be much bigger.With the demise of the Anasazi civilization the Hopi came into being. The Anasazi disappeared suddenly but their culture re ...

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Anazazi Indians

Anasazi IndiansThe Anasazi civilization started to develop around AD 100 in North America.They lived ... he states of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado meet. It is a very harsh environment. The name Anasazi is a word from the Navajo language meaning "ancient ones". When the Anasazi first settled in ... he "Basketmakers". They could grow maize and pumpkins but they were also hunters and gatherers. The Anasazi lived in caves or in shelters made of poles and adobe mud, the caves and shelters they lived ...

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The Anisazi Civilization

The Anasazi were an incredible group of people who lived in southern America during the time of 900-1200 ... at rise in their population, farming, trading and the construction of great structures.The earliest Anasazi people started out living in villages with 10-25 people. 10-20 years later in the late 11th ... ey, themselves, lacked. These trade roads also allowed other people of the regions to come into the Anasazi villages for equal trade, as well. Some of the places the Anasazi settled were Arizona, Colo ...

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"The Anasazi Mystery" essay deals with ability/inability to adapt to the environment

The Anasazi MysterySurvival is something few people think about in modern times. This phenomenon adds bo ... ensive; so most people spent their whole lives performing tasks necessary for self-preservation.The Anasazi tribe is a good example of both survival success and failure. This tribe occupied the Four C ... d unpredictable rainfall made life in this region very difficult. By living flexible lifestyles the Anasazi were able to minimize the negative impact of the unpredictable climate and water supply. Thr ...

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"The Disappearance of the Anasazi" an "A" grade paper which discusses the logical theories of their disappearance and other suggested alternatives.

rchers, tourists, and many others concerning one of the largest mysteries still existing today. The Anasazi, a culture now extinct for reasons unknown. We take a journey through the past, to the four ... usand years ago, among these looming formations of rock and along the intermittent stream beds, the Anasazi (Navaho for "ancient ones") lived.In the dry heat of the desert canyons, evidence of their c ...

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STORY The Hopi are a western branch of the Pueblo and are believed to be descendants of the Anasazi, which lived in the areas of northern Arizona. "The legendary world of Hopi origins lay deep ... states. Throughout the history of these people they were faced with hardship and strife. "Different Anasazi groups and settlements faced their demise at different times during periods between the drou ...

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