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Early Temple Architechture and Temple Worship from Ancient Near East, Egypt and Greece

The cultures of the Ancient Near East, Egypt and Greece all had one thing in common: religious worship. These cultures b ... s all had their own unique way of designing the temples and the artwork that celebrated them.In the Ancient Near East, rulers and priests directed all communal activities. Here they created city-state ... ' behalf and were laid to wait in the "waiting room" for the gods to appear. The chief deity of the ancient Near East was Anu, the god of the sky and of the city of Uruk. The Ziggurat at Ur is one of ...

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Ancient Art

When comparing and evaluating any ancient art we must first understand the meaning. According to the textbook ancient art means an era ... 231 BCE) is a limestone sculpture of a woman whose name is Haliphat with her face and upper torso (Ancient Near East). Haliphat death was dated the year of 231 BCE which was in the third century. Thi ... his bust is from Palmyra which is a city in southern Syria that flourished during the Roman Empire (Ancient Near East, 2008). This bust was positioned at the opening of the burial in the family tombs ...

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Page | 1JianAn LuoSurana SinghArt history 11009/23/2014Art of Ancient Near Eastern Ancient near eastern art is an important part of art history. The period was be ... an important part of art history. The period was begun around 2254 BCE, and the lands known as the "Ancient Near East" are today lran, lraq, and Turkey. Mesopotamia was this land called. It been compo ... ians, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Neo-Babylonians, and the Achacmenid Persian. According to Ancient near eastern art, there is a strong element of military in the art that these cultures produ ...

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