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Animal Adoption Should Have More Reqirements

Do you own an animal that has been adopted? Most people do. You hear about many animals being abused and miss trea ... Most people do. You hear about many animals being abused and miss treated. There are many cases of animal abuse because of cruel owners that neglect the animals. There should be more requirements to ... d should have to answer a questionnaire.One of the requirements that should be added to adopting an animal, is a background check on the person or persons adopting. All animals have many needs and nee ...

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Animal Cruelty

Kaitlin KershnerEnglish 3BMrs. JonesJune 1, 2014Animal CrueltyMost animal cruelty takes place in a puppy mill. A puppy mill is a place where they ov ... ct it to ensure it is healthy. A lot of the puppies from the puppy mills are ill and have diseases. Animal cruelty happens everywhere, some of which people don't even notice. Dogs at puppy mills go th ... ore puppy friendly. Instead of selling puppies help find homeless pets homes or adopt a dog from an animal shelter. The Animal Welfare Act was passed in 1966 to protect animals from commercial breedin ...

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Compare and contrast

ide. Bella likes to run around the yard in circles hopping and jumping. She loves chasing different animals and playing games like fetch. She seems to get very hyper the second she is let outside, esp ...

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