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The Influence Of Shaker Furniture On Today's Furniture Market

aced great influence of every day activities in a Shaker's life; therefore, the furniture produced cannot be greatly appreciated without understanding the people and their socio-religious background.S ... h Quakers who had ritual practices of shaking, shouting, dancing, whirling, and singing in tongues. Ann Lee, an illiterate textile worker of Manchester, who was converted to the "Shaking Quakers" ...

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The Shakers

ster the shakers were persecuted for their actions in their early years.Soon a woman by the name of Ann Lees came to the Shakers, and joined soon there after. The death of her four children, three whi ... children, three which had died as infants, and the fourth had died as a toddler had much to do with Ann deciding to join. Her past experiences with men had also strongly influenced her decision. After ...

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the cat came back the very next day

nd different beliefs among different cultures, they shape who we are and our role in society. They cannot be denied because they are found in all countries.Myths allows us to ask questions and address ... ) Gender of the founder does in fact change the impact it places on people in the religious aspect. Ann Lee had insisted that god was both male and female, this lead people to question everything they ...

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