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lose at hand. Talk of witchcraft increased when other playmates of Betty, including eleven-year-old Ann Putnam, seventeen-year-old Mercy Lewis, and Mary Walcott, began to exhibit similar unusual behav ... le.Meanwhile, the number of girls afflicted continued to grow, rising to seven with the addition of Ann Putnam, Elizabeth Hubbard, Susannah Sheldon, and Mary Warren. According to historian Peter Hoffe ...

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The Salem Witch Trials-Report on the Salem Witch Trials describes events, people, theories, insight into the Puritan religion, and results of the trials. A bibliography is included.

venty-nine accused were female. (3) Thus proving that women were the targets of witchcraft. In 1657 Ann Hibbens of Boston was convicted of witchcraft under the law. She was a widow who had acquired la ... dabbling in the occult with other girls who varied in ages from twelve to twenty. People such as Susannah Sheldon, Elizabeth Booth, Sarah Churchill, Elizabeth Hubbard, Mary Warren, Mary Walcott, Mercy ...

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"The Salem Witch Trials", heavily citing examples from "The Crucible".

were made because of personal vendettas and land disputes. One such case was that of Martha Corey. Ann Putnam accused Martha of making her and her children physically ill. Martha's reputation of bein ... on of being outspoken damaged her credibility, and she too was to be tried for witchcraft. However, Ann Putnam's accusations did not end with Martha Corey. She then accused Rebecca Nurse, a popular 71 ...

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"The Crucible", Fact or Fiction?

he movie and history were some of the names. The Putnam's daughter was not named Ruth, her name was Ann, like her mother, it was changed so that the audience would be able to differentiate between the ... d so that the audience would be able to differentiate between the two. In reality the women went by Ann Putnam Junior and Ann Putnam Senior. Ann Putnam was also portrayed in the movie as one of the fi ...

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Thr trials of Bridget Bishop.

casion hurt them in many ways, and tried to tempt or trick them into signing the book of the devil. Ann Putnam told the court that Bridget refereed to the devil as "God". Mary Walcott said that her br ...

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This is an account of the events leading up to and during the Salem witch trails. Also added are bio's of key characters during the trails.

age that the devil was amongst them, that witches were making these girls act in such a ridiculous manner. The first three people that the girls accused were Tituba, a Indian slave of John's, Sarah Go ... rested (two dogs were also executed). A bunch of jurors following the trials came out with a public announcement showing remorse and giving an apology for those who were wrongfully executed (Linder).F ...

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ly also included two other children -- an older brother, Thomas (b. 1681), and a younger sister, Susannah (b. 1687) -- not just Betty and her relative Abigail, who was probably born around 1681.*Abiga ... e taking place.*The first two girls to become afflicted were Betty Parris and Abigail Williams, not Ann Putnam, and they had violent, physical fits, not a sleep that they could not wake from.*There ne ...

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller

ed and resentment towards other neighbours, and this was also responsible for much of the problems. Ann Putnam lost all but one of her eight children at childbirth, and she sought someone to blame. Sh ... is also involved in a bitter row with Reverend Parris about his sermons about Hell and Satan, which annoy him. Parris is a corrupt leader and has gluttony for anything monitory. Parris demands gold ca ...

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An informative essay on the causes of the Salem Witchcraft Trials.

many girls, all tied together by friendship. This linkage makes the conspiracy evident to be false. Ann Putnam, Mercy Lewis, and Mary Walcott emerged with similar symptoms and accused outcasts of the ...

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Witch article.

4, 1692 - Dorcas Good, four year old, is being put on trial. She was first accused of witchcraft by Ann Putnam. Dorcas Good is the daughter of the famed Sarah Good, one of the first recognized witches ...

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Tituba Book Report

e from Barbados, Tituba was with the girls when they danced and attempted to conjure the spirits of Ann Putnam's dead children. She is the first person accused of witchcraft and is the first person to ...

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Plot And Sub Plot Of The Crucible

ho is orphaned and living with them), and also Tituba who is their slave from Barbados.--Thomas and Ann Putnam enter. They inform Parris that their daughter Ruth has fallen ill after Ann had sent her ... wife.--Betty wakes and starts to scream when she hears psalms being sung. Everyone thinks that she cannot bear to hear the lords name because she is possessed by the devil.--Rebecca Nurse and Giles Co ...

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The Crucible - Character List and Personal Reactio

dancing. Claims Mary Warren sends her spirit in her. Acts like she can see spirits.Susanna Waleott - Not much younger than Abigail. Is sent to find Mrs. Hale. She was with Abigail doing ... sent to find Mrs. Hale. She was with Abigail doing witchcraft. She helps Abigail in the court room.Ann Putnam - Married to Thomas Putnam. She believes that Abigail and the others committed wi ...

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Salem Witch Trials: A Confluence of Motives

ah Good and the poor, elderly Sarah Osborne. Other girls and even women including nineteen year old Ann Putnam Jr, Mercy Lewis and Mary Walcott then begin exhibiting the same symptoms. Governor Willia ... raft."[sic] This form of zealous accusation was used by several girls including the twelve-year old Ann Putnam Jr, Daughter of Thomas Putnam.Over the year of 1692, Ann Putnam Jr accused sixt ...

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