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"You won't find the great story of human courage you are looking for." Anna Funder's great victory is that she does. Discuss.Anna Funder's 2002 work of literary journalism ... lity. Their commitment to the Firm shows an inability to move forward and a lack of resistance that Anna finds contemptible. Labelling them "very nasty scouts", Funder demeans the Stasi as cruel boys ... eet informers in his home and has translated his skills of persuasion into a career of consultancy. Anna is repulsed by Bock, and quick to leave his home. She belittles his new role as a new means of ...

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"Stasiland" shows that fact is often stranger than fiction

Stasiland shows that fact is often stranger than fiction.' Discuss.IntroductionThe quotes chosen by Anna Funder to preface Stasiland provide the reader with immediate clues that her story will test th ... andscape of the former GDR is a physical legacy to the idea that fact can be stranger than fiction. Anna's journey of discovery and confrontation where the "hidden short cuts" and "unmarked lanes" of ...

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