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The Tragic Challanger Explosion

r looks at the Space Shuttle Challanger explosion in 1986. Paper comes with works cited page and an annotated bibliography Good research but some missing citesThe Tragic Challenger ExplosionSpace Trav ... [Online] Available, October 5, 1996.Annotated Bibliography"Space Shuttle Missions: Challenger." Compton's Encyclopedia of American ...

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This essay is an annotated bibliography discussing tabloidisation of the media resources.

My annotated bibliography focuses on the tabloidisation of the media, in particular the news media of B ...

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Bibliography of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.

Annotated BibliographyField Marshal Erwin RommelPrimaryGuderian, Gen. Heinz. Panzer Leader. New York ...

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This is an annotated bibliography that deals with articles concerning the novel Heart Of Darkness and the film Apocalypse.

Annotated Bibliography: Heart of Darkness & Apocalypse NowBodek, Richard. "Conrad's Heart of Dar ...

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Effects of Television Violence on Children.

Annotated Bibliography on The Effects of Television Violence on ChildrenKrcmar, M Cooke, MC. "Televi ...

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Historical, and iconographical analysis of "The Book of Kells", and ancient Irish illuminated manusript. title is "The Book of Kells".

"The Book of Kells"Annotated Bibliography:Brown Peter. The Book of Kells. New York: Thames and Hudson, 1981.This source ...

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Annotated Bibliography: Evidence for a goddess cult at Catal Huyuk

Annotated Bibliography: Evidence for a goddess cult at Catal Huyuk.Introduction and outlineCatal Hoy ...

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Annotated bibliography on parole and probation

Annotated BibliographyFulton, Betsy, Amy Stichman, Lawrence Travis, and Edward Latessa. "Moderating ...

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Annotated Bibliographies for Adhd

ter risk for antisocial behavior, and what genetic and environmental factors are associated with it.Annotated Bibliography:1. Biederman, Joseph; Faraone, Stephen V.; Spencer, Thomas; Monuteaux, Michae ...

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Origins of the Cold War

maincriteria used for selection were: reliability of thesources and the most recent.b.Writing of an annotated bibliography about thetopic.c.Selection and reading of a book about the origins ofthe Cold ...

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