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Biome: Grasslands

important factor in creating a savanna. Savannas are always found in warm or hot climates where the annual rainfall is from about 50.8 to 127 cm (20-50 inches) per year. It is crucial that the rainfal ... merica. Temperate grasslands have hot summers and cold winters. Rainfall is moderate. The amount of annual rainfall influences the height of grassland vegetation, with taller grasses in wetter regions ...

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Little info on myths and legends in the ancient Egyptian Society.

ed was vegetation and the cycles of the seasons, and the Nile River. Ancient beliefs attributed the annual rainfall, which sustained the people of the Nile Valley, to the tears Isis shed for Osiris.Eg ...

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Lithgow- A typical Australian town

ure climate with temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius in Summer and 12 degrees Celsius in Winter. The annual rainfall is 863 millimetres falling on 123 days of the year. Occasionally in Lithgow it snows ...

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Food And Culture Of The Midwest

oved down over large parts of North America some 25,000 years ago. This region is well watered with annual rainfall exceeding 40 inches a year. Hence the climate is basically continental rather than m ...

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Tropical Rain Forests

scribe forests that grow in constantly wet conditions. Rain forests can typically grow wherever the annual rainfall is more than 80 inches and evenly spread throughout the year. Rain forests are found ...

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Climate Differences between Auckland and Manama

mperature in the winter again. However, the general trend is still warm to hot. Manama’s total annual rainfall is 70.5mm, which makes it an extremely dry city, and of which 4 months (June to Sept ... Although the two are both surrounded by water, but Manama receives rainfall almost next to nothing annually, while Auckland receives rainfall all year round. All of the aspects affect the climates gr ...

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The Natural Environment

systems may be changed by human activity.PlaceLatitudeJanuaryTemperature(°C)JulyTemperature(°C)Annual rainfall(mm)Vegetation typeA73°N-7°C5°C400mmTundraB63°N0°C12°C700mmConiferous forestsC5 ... is found from areas with just over 100mm of rain per year to around 20 mm of rain per year; average annual temperatures range from beneath zero to about 20° In general, this biome is found cluster ar ...

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