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Describes Anthrax, the different types and what it does to a person that gets it, and how a person gets it- 5 pages- done for a High School Anatomy Class

AnthraxAnthrax is an acute infectious disease caused by the spore-forming bacterium Bacillus anthrac ... occur in humans when they are exposed to infected animals or tissue from infected animals. Because anthrax is considered to be a potential agent for use in biological warfare, the Department of Defen ... egun mandatory vaccination of all active duty military personnel who might be involved in conflict. Anthrax is most common in agricultural regions where it occurs in animals. These include South and C ...

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Anthrax as a chemical weapon - How is Australia preparing for a deliberate release of Anthrax? What is Anthrax? What does preparation against Anthrax attacks involve? How dangerous in Anthrax?

How is Australia preparing for a deliberate release of anthrax?[By Nathania Burrie][User: TaniaSmartTwit][November 2001]The Australian health system's leve ... ective coordination and advisory arrangements;·Ensuring access to international developments.Anthrax is most common in agricultural regions where it occurs in animals. These include South and C ... entral America, Southern and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. When anthrax affects humans, it is usually due to an occupational exposure to infected animals or their p ...

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Biological Basis of Fear.

have been impacted by the events of September 11, 2001, and the incidents of postal terrorism with anthrax following the attack. Some individuals are having difficulty coping with the tragedy, especi ... f Americans is at a heightened risk for paranoia.Emergent worries over 'postal terrorism' involving anthrax have stimulated for many a wave of paranoia. Anthrax, which was mailed to the capitol office ...

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Small Pox vaccine and why we shouldn't have to take it unless we choose to.

Small Pox and Its DangersThe recent cases of anthrax due to bioterrorism and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, have led to an unexampl ... their return have reported mysterious diseases, mostly because of adverse reactions to experimental anthrax shots.Our children, and we are in THEIR crosshairs. If you still think we do not have domest ...

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"Bubonic Plague".

ain subject, because it put a huge impact in Europe at the time. I've tied another bacteria, called Anthrax with the Bubonic Plague to show how much they have in common, and to show how society is muc ... housands of different bacteria. The most recent bacteria that contains the shape bacillus is called Anthrax. If we didn't have equipment now, like they did in the 13-1400's, Anthrax would probably bre ...

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The Use and Abuse of Antibiotics

s principles were done by Louis Pasteur who discovered that certain saprophytic bacteria could kill anthrax germs. However, the biggest breakthrough in the area of antibiotics only arrived in 1928 whe ...

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The CDC and USAMRIID also summary of The Demon In The Freezer

Disease Control (CDC) is a government agency for protecting people from diseases or viruses such as Anthrax or Smallpox. They contain one of the only two legal Smallpox stocks in the world. They have ... do research to develop cures and strategies to help fight rare diseases or viruses such as Ebola or Anthrax. In Demon in the Freezer, some scientists from USAMRIID find a way to infect monkeys with Sm ...

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An essay on Louis Pasteur

r people. My discoveries saved a countless number of lives. I made the cures for things like polio, anthrax, worm diseases, chicken cholera, and rabies. My story begins being born on December 27 of 18 ... ickens. I developed a theory about giving weakened germs to help prevent disease. This was used for anthrax in sheep and then cowpox in cattle and people who worked with cows. In 1882, my colle ...

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t. Among his discoveries are the pasteurization process, and ways of preventing silk worm diseases, anthrax, chicken cholera and rabies.He received a degree of bachelor of letters from the College Roy ... that was attacking silk worms and he discovered the concept of immunization in his work with curing anthrax. He later ventured to use the same immunization process on humans to prevent rabies that he ...

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Policy Monitoring Report in Australia

While the word 'crisis' brings to mind events like September 11 or the Anthrax issue, 'crisis' could simply be a label attached to "a particular set of social circumstance ...

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Bioterrorism - The dangers, effects on society, and the actions of the government.

has heightened over the past years and needs to be publicly addressed. Today's biggest hazards are anthrax and smallpox, yet people are left uncertain at what should be done while the government goes ... ngs.Although terrorists could use many disease-causing agents, experts on biological warfare regard anthrax and smallpox as the two biggest hazards. Other infectious diseases that pose a threat includ ...

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A Brief History of Terrorism in The United States

nter in 2001 several new words have been created by or assimilated into everyday dialect. "Jihad", "Anthrax", and "Taliban" are now words which are part of every American's dialect, however, no word h ...

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Not In My Backyard - An essay about moving the Centers for Disease Control away from a highly populated city (Atlanta, Ga)

. Attacks could happen suddenly and without warning, just like the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. Anthrax letters spread through the mail, but luckily authorities caught them in time. But what if th ... aught them in time. But what if the anthrax was on the airplanes that crashed into the Twin Towers? Anthrax would be everywhere, in the smoke, in the air, in the buildings, and most definitely outside ...

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The Future Of America

decide the future of the US. People have an impact on the US, such as right now in the US with the Anthrax scares, and the Attack on America. The people will change the future, hopefully for the bett ...

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Anthrax Anthrax, also known as bacillus anthracis in the scientific community, is one of the ... tacks, which left lower Manhattan in rubble, we have been hearing about this deadly terror known as anthrax. But, what is anthrax? Why are so many Americans on edge about it? Anthrax: We have ... Anthrax: We have been hearing about it so much on the news but, what is it? Webster defines anthrax as an infectious disease of warm-blooded animals caused by spore-forming bacterium. Or, in o ...

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Three Major Pandemics

diseases are gone; however during this bioterrorism is a huge threat to the United States. In 2001, Anthrax was a big problem in the United States. The anthrax powder substance were put into letters a ... d of like a vaccine to prevent flu during flu season.BibliographyHanley, Robert. "Official Suspects Anthrax Is From Last Fall." New York Times. 20 August. 2002. B5 column 4Duesberg, Peter H. Inventing ...

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No Access To Anthrax

No Access to Anthrax On September 11, Americans faced their worst nightmare. In New York City, two airplanes cras ... em against unknown enemy; the problem now is having a disease that is attacking America, and called Anthrax. Anthrax is a disease that infects a person when he or she opens the mail if that mail is in ... en he or she opens the mail if that mail is infected by this germ. People do not know yet where did Anthrax come from and how is responsible for such an act. Is it related to the terror attack or not? ...

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email that contains words that could mean a decisive threat against the U.S. (for example- "bomb", "Anthrax", etc.") Like the telescreens of 1984, people are watched from "behind the scenes" to make s ...

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Bush's State Of The Union

which consists of North Korea, Iran, and Iraq, Bush said, "the Iraqi regime has plotted to develop anthrax, and nerve gas, and nuclear weapons for over a decade." According to the Washington Post, mi ... sts at a biological and chemical warfare facility in Utah have been developing a form of weaponized anthrax since at least 1992. According to the Center for Defense Information, the United States has ...

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In the article “Soviets Leave Anthrax Legacy” by Bruce Finley,

In the article "Soviets Leave Anthrax Legacy" by Bruce Finley, Mr. Finley states how we are affected today by the Cold War 11 year ... ea is shrinking. This means that the Aral Sea is leaving a land bridge to the north that can spread anthrax. Also, this is a possibility for terrorists to reach this island, and spread anthrax. There ... ld, and can be doing the world a great favor by cleaning up this mess, and preventing the spread of anthrax throughout the world. I would advise President Bush to clean up the mess. It is important fo ...

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