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Six Hours of Television

reds of shows to choose from. Picking six hours of television to analyze from the prospective of an anthropologist is by no means easy. It is easy however, to talk about what our nation looks like to ... with each other, having some of the same qualities. Looking at these shows in the perspective of an anthropologist some disquieting trends emerge. I will present the information as if an outsider, fro ...

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Maria Montessori

work with children, mainly those who were disadvantaged and had special needs.Montessori became an anthropologist. Through her work at the Orthophrenic Clinic, her decisions about working with childr ...

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Anthropology by Morgan and Wolf

or class,' (p. 1078) this definition hardly holds the connotations so emphatically discussed by the anthropologist Morgan. To Morgan, 'property has been so diversified its uses so expandi ...

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Anthropoligical view of John Davis - Explorer

give an anthropological look at what really happened. These explorers are comparable to present day anthropologists because some of them kept excellent records of native people, their habits and even ... ing John Davis was quite capable of during his second voyage in 1586.To begin to call John Davis an anthropologist is an understatement. His records are clear and accurate, if not in the old world Eng ...

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Sex in Anthropology

man life as it functions in a society. These observations are seen through the eyes of an objective anthropologist. But even if an anthropologist is completely objective in his or her studies, can the ... o be considered in the field, this is mostly due to the lack of them. During the late 19th century, anthropologist were know as 'arm chair' anthropologist. These were 'anthropologists' who relied on m ...

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What is ethnocentrism and cultural relativism and what problems do they present?

e natural. But, this line of thinking does a large disservice to the field of anthropology. When an anthropologist cannot be unbiased in their observations, it becomes harder to learn and understand d ... ures. Ethnocentric viewpoints impair judgments and make finds less relevant. It is the place of the anthropologists to try to use cultural relativism when studying a foreign culture.Cultural relativis ...

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Anthropology in relation to Disney's "A Bug's Life".

When viewing Disney's A Bug's Life with the critical eye of an anthropologist, it is hard to truly believe that it is a children's movie. This movie is an introduc ... t that into a simple context that anyone can understand and relate to. Under the critical eye of an anthropologist, this movie not only meets standards, it creates it's own. Children will be learning ...

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Out of Africa: A Plausible Explanation.

still shrouded in a considerable degree of confusion through lack of empirical evidence. While some anthropologists, including author Christopher Stringer, argue that this origination stems from the A ... the origination of the human species stems from multiple continents. This argument is supported by anthropologist Millord Wolpoff, as well as many others who oppose Stringer's 'Out of Africa' theory, ...

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Woman's Curse?, Meredith F. Small, The Sciences, Jan/Feb 1999, pp. 24-29.

Summary PaperA Woman's Curse?"Why do cultures the world over treat menstruating women as taboo?An anthropologist offers a new answer - and a challenge to Westernideas about contraception"A Woman's C ...

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"All our kin", written by Carol Stack and "Crested Kimono", written by Matthews Masayuki Hamabata.

n, written by Carol Stack and Crested Kimono, written by Matthews Masayuki Hamabata. The two famous anthropologists who successfully studied the human field sight of people around the world have writt ... human field sight of people around the world have written the two ethnographies. Stack is a female anthropologist who went to The Flats in order to study black families with their approval and partic ...

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Analysis of cultural issues.

In the 1870s, the anthropologist Edward Tylor defined culture as that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, ...

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The nature of culture. How do anthropologists help us to understand the political economy, progress, and race the 'other'.

sic they enjoy, what they consider to be relaxing, etc. What is culture then? Culture, according to anthropologist Richard H. Robbins, is "The system of meanings about the nature of experience that ar ... hing: that culture is interpretation. He says, "The 'facts' of anthropology, the material which the anthropologist has gone to the field to find, are already themselves interpretations". This quote is ...

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Biography of Mary Leakey

Mary Leakey was a very important Anthropologist. She was born February 6, 1913 in London, England. Since her father painted, her fami ... ert Fayoum. Then, Dr. Thompson invited Mary to meet Louis Leakey while he was speaking at the Royal Anthropologist Institute. He was very impressed by her drawings and asked her to illustrate a book o ... we uncover may give us a biased view of the picture as a whole." Indeed, Mary was a great physical anthropologist. She longed to find the missing link, but died before doing so. She acheieved many ho ...

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Stopping Tropical Rainforest Deforestation

eld improvements in science.I. Description of the tropical rainforestA. Zoologist's point of viewB. Anthropologist's point of viewC. Botanist's point of viewII. Products from the rainforestA. New food ... mage other species of animals higher on the food chain that depend on the lower animals for food.An anthropologist would tell say that the rainforest is home to very old human cultures. By removing th ...

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In what sense can it be said that people in different cultures 'think differently'?

all societies, not specifically the primitive groups which have been subjected to much scrutiny by anthropologists. From anthropologist's fieldwork it is often impossible to identify any theory or so ...

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Mystery of Native American Origin This essay deals with sifferent migration theory's of Native Americans

Anthropologist, historians and scientist have done extensive work in an attempt to uncover the myste ...

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New Historicism and Cultural Studies

isteme ("a mode of power/knowledge with its own discursive practices.) (1209)Geertz: a cultural anthropologist who stresses that "one needs to be immersed in a culture's relationships to bring out ...

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Claude Levi-Strauss (b. 1908)

LEVI-STRAUSS, Claude), structuralism anthropologist. Levi-Strauss was born in Brussels and studied at the University of Paris. From 1935- ...

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against magical attack (for example, the evil eye), amulets may be thought of as counter magic.Some anthropologists differentiate between magic and religion. Whereas magic operates automatically and i ... tices such as prayer and sacrifice are effective only contingently, as appeals to higher powers. In anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski's view, religion is directed toward collective goals while magic ...

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Book Report Tongan Villages to American Suburbs written by author and Anthropologist Cathy A. Small

From Tongan Villages to American Suburbs written by author and Anthropologist Cathy A. Small begins in 1981 with a field trip to Tonga. Small's initial study was t ...

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