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This is a paper all about ringworms. It's very informative and it's just a basic paper.

out, giving the scalp a patchy appearance. Treatment requires that the hair be shaved off. An oral antifungal medication may be prescribed. Scalp sores must be kept clean and dry, and often the child ... growth and spread of fungus. Scraping of overgrown skin or nail tissue may be helpful, and various antifungal medications may be applied.

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Fungal Infections

ifests as pain and redness that tracks up lymphatic vessels in the arm or leg and treated with oral antifungal medications. Mycetoma or madura foot is a fungal infection of an extremity, usually the f ... ystemic mycoses may also affect other body systems, particularly bones, and the genitourinary tract.Antifungal medications exploit the fact that fungal cells use ergosterol in their cell walls whereas ...

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The History of Earth

ealth Organization from countries with socialist governments. c. the high and rising cost of modern medications. d. civil unrest and wars that disrupt medical treatment and disease control programs. 3 ...

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