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Factors Affecting the Production of web based applications

ed back into the presented page. The Document Object Model also contains a set of interfaces for an application that reads an XML (Extensible Markup Language) file into memory and stores it as a tree ... g the structure and content of XML and HTML documents.The DOM is extremely useful for random-access applications. SAX (another API used in XML) only allows you a view of one bit of the document at a t ...

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A Breif History of Unix

extended until a complete operating system was written on top of the kernel in the language C.UNIX APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACEMany proprietary operating systems have a simplified view of applic ... s generally provide easy to use well-implemented facilities to support these types of facilities.As applications become more sophisticated they need new features such as network access, multi-tasking, ...

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Comparison of Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM) and Object Request Brokers (ORBs)

as made it easy for developers to handle the differences between platforms and databases by writing applications that connect to the middleware layer and by letting the middleware handle the data tran ... is proposed.Introduction of middleware:Middleware is the wide range of services layered between the applications and an operating system that provide specialized services and interoperability between ...

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Ashland Oil Spill - A Petroleum Tragedy - Legal and Ethical Issues

idence that a permit had applied for, and a verbal approval for construction was given. The written application for the permit, however, did not indicate that the steel used for the sides of the tank ...

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MiniScribe Corporation

re than 30% in the next two years. MiniScribe is struggling keep itself afloat by finding different applications of disk drives in facsimiles, laser printers, and photocopiers but this market is still ...

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