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Oil in america

There have been facts which prove that there have been decreases in the fish population and in the aquatic life in the regions where the oil companies have been. The negligence of these companies can ...

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Acid Rain.

of fossil fuels, that has turned acid rain into a problem. Highly acidic rain can damage or destroy aquatic life, forests, crops and buildings, as well as posing a threat to human health.The actual te ... s bedrock has no natural buffering capacity and the soils are very shallow. The amount of damage to aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems is therefore dependant upon both the amount of acid deposition, a ...

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Water Quality In Nebraska

teria, and metals into our water. Channelization and hydrologic modifications have had an affect on aquatic life in Nebraska streams by reducing the diversity and availability of habitat. Monitoring h ...

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First Man On The Moon

lution of man. The importance of this event can only be compared with that moment in evolution when aquatic life come crawling up onto land.Since the dawn of history, man had been chained to this plan ...

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"Aliso Creek"

k and its many tributaries. These pollutants have caused much harm to beachgoers, marine and aquatic life, and to the tourism industry of the communities that stretch the coastline. In the summ ... water. The water is then returned to the same spot in which it was extracted as not to disturbe the aquatic life of the creek. Initial tests have shown that the bacteria levels have subsided to below ...

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Acid Rain

Acid rain is a very big pollution problem in the world. It has killed fish and other aquatic life in many lakes and streams. It harms human health, disfigures monuments and erodes build ...

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Acid rain 4

rain. One of these is the acidification of lakes, resulting in the lakes' inability to sustain the aquatic life. In fact, Norway reported that 18,000 out of 85,000 of their lakes were acidified, and ... ife could include the contamination of the entire food chain by causing heavy metal accumulation in aquatic life. The effects that acid rain has on humans has not been effectively studied. However, sc ...

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