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. Also, many of America's greatleaders were hemp farmers. This includes good ol' George Washington. Archeologistsbelieve that cannabis was possibly the first plant farmed by humans.Many people think t ...

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The Lost City at Giza and the Homes of the Pyramid Workers

mayors and overseers. This discovery sparked a new quest for the answer of who built the pyramids. Archeologists started to excavate around the pyramids and found a partial answer to their question. ... nknown mud brick wall. Chief of the pyramid guards, Mohammed Abdek Razek, reported the incident and archeologists immediately started excavating. After excavating, the mud-brick wall was turned out to ...

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The History of Tattoos Before 1500

o mark whom a slave's owner was, as well as to indicate a person's identity, occupation, and status.Archeologists have found evidence of tattoos all over the world, and some of their finds date back t ...

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The Sutton Hoo ship excavation.

the time a king was buried with their ship's remains. This was not true in the case of Sutton Hoo. Archeologists had expected to find the remains of a king buried inside the rowing ship at Sutton Hoo ... of a king buried inside the rowing ship at Sutton Hoo. They did not find a trace of human remains. Archeologists concluded that the burial was what they call a cenotaph, an empty tomb meant for a per ...

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Ancient Egypt.

chariots with wheels and horses to pull and the pharos used them during wars.Through architecture, archeologists till this day are learning very important information regarding Egyptians and their wa ... rning the pharaohs, the gods, the common people and the natural world of plants, birds and animals. Archeologists and engineers still wonder to this day how they were built and how they were built to ...

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A cup - ordinaly essay

ried in the ground as days and months passed as if it had been forgotten. Thousands of years later, archeologists found the ancient container, which they restored it and saved it in the museum althoug ...

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The Iceman

nvestigators assumed he might have carried somebody else but they will never be sure about that.The archeologists analyzed the Iceman's artifacts as well such as a knife made of rocks, an ax with a co ... ic time.It took a long time to investigate Oetzi and get him ready for the investigation becase the archeologists could not get the frozen body out of the ice when he was first found. The weather in t ...

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The maya-the culture and the fall of the empire

iny climate. When it rains, the studies stop. The thick rainforests also make it impossible for the archeologists to search the areas by helicopter; therefore to study it, the people have to go out on ...

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Easter Island

Archeologists suggest that Easter Island had a large population ranged from 7000 to as many as 20,00 ...

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The Origin of the Clovis

epted theory concerning habitation of the Americas, and more importantly the accepted timetable. As archeologists continue to research and dig deeper, they are finding more questions, as opposed to mo ...

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Paper for Johnson: My View Of Humanity

e from other animals. You can see this evident in the fossils that have been collected and found by archeologists. Those fossils obviously depict a difference in degree between the human body and that ...

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Marijuana: Friend Or Foe

ffects of cannabis use were received, but also how they are currently viewed.It is the belief among archeologists that the first woven fabrics may have been made from cannabis fibers between 8000 and ...

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The Compromise Of 1877

the compromise concealed much more than it revealed. Prior to Woodward, most that have dug in like archeologists have found little fruit for their labors. As Woodward phrases it in the book, the prob ...

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er to Harrison Ford's character "Indiana Jones" and his exciting three movie epic. While some archeologists surely go on various adventures, most of the excitement evolves around the discovery o ... science which carefully studies how people lived in the past by looking at the objects left behind. Archeologists are not fortune hunters who travel to exotic places in search of buried treasure. In f ...

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ter known as the Mormons. Sides does not interview missionaries in this essay but rather interviews archeologists, both Mormon and non Mormon, who have been sent out by the Mormon church to prove what ...

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Life After Death

erlife has existed in many different religions and cultures since the time of cavemen. For example, archeologists have found flints and food in a Neanderthal's grave, indicating that they believed in ...

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Ancient Thera, Sanorini - What does the physical evidence available today reveal about the Theran economy and beliefs (e.g wall frescoes, pottery, architecture, religious symbols).

ver back then little else was known.After the ancient architecture was excavated more recently, the archeologists discovered more clues to this lost city. The commercial buildings in Thira were constr ... this city, Thira also contained pottery, architectural designs as well as religious symbols, giving archeologists a fascinating look into the bronze age that wasn't previously available.These artifact ...

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Persuasive Essay: Evolution

dence. Evidence that can not be ignored.All evidence that has been found points to one explanation. Archeologists have uncovered many fossil records. Through them science has been able to piece togeth ... world developed from early unicellular organisms to the complex species we see today. For example, archeologists have found the remains of many early humanoids. Thanks to these finds, we now know how ...

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Global 1 and 2 Review

s that were left behind such as artifacts.· Archeology might have been a field in which many archeologists has been studying for a while now and is still being studied.· Archeologists ha ... ation in which artifacts would be found either.· Artifacts are important because they assist archeologists of setting a story of history without talking or seeing the people of the past.9. Pale ...

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In Search of History: The First Americans How Latin American history would be viewed differently if more was known about the origins of American Paleo Indians.

and 30s, after the discovery of a spear point found in the ribs of a mammoth in Clovis, New Mexico, archeologists began to refer to the first human inhabitants of the new world as the Clovis People. T ... 9,000 BCE. Over the next few decades, the Clovis model was generally accepted among scientists and archeologists. Archeological findings in South America began to come to the forefront in the 1970s w ...

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