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Title: "A photographic Essay." Describes the common misconceptions of goth society today and attempts to clear up exactly what the community is all about.

different meanings to various people of the earth. They are often used to describe an artistic and architectural style that includes Victorian, Edwarian, and medieval designs. They are also used to d ...

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"Gothic Architecture in France" This paper talks about the Abbey of St. Denis, the Chartres Cathedral, Amiens Cathedral, Abbot Suger, Robert Luzarches, with quotes from Scholar H.W. Janson, etc.

ne of the most important periods in art history, the Renaissance. The contributions from the Gothic architectural period are few, yet remarkable. Even though the Gothic era roughly lasted two hundred ... in French cathedrals.The categorization "gothic," that has been associated to this period of great architectural advancement, was first given in the 18th century. However, the "gothic" label was give ...

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Why Greek Architecture is popular in the United States

0's many countries such as Britain, Scotland, and The United States began looking to the Greeks for architectural ideas. This was known as The Greek Revival. The Greek Revival dominated American archi ... cture became so popular it became known as the first "national style" in America, and was the first architectural style that reached to the west coast. The Greek style of architecture became so popula ...

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Prairie School (U.S.)

succeeded in creating a true American identity through their design. Discuss.Prairie School was an architectural movement that started in Chicago dated from the 1890s. It was a regional architectural ... he and Louis Sullivan. Each of them had a different representation of modernism in their individual architectural designs but they ultimately had a common goal – to create a new style that is fre ...

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Structures of Houses

n the window from the outside of the house. Also, unlike the Gothic era and many other of the early architectural styles, this structure has no religious meaning. It was not built for worship; it was ... to my building. Although most of the buildings produced in this era were large, it was during this architectural style that people reverted back to plain, more simple structures.In conclusion, there ...

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Time Capsule

in painting, sculpture, and architecture, both real and illusionary visual effects. Named after the architectural style of the time, the Baroque period saw artists and composers begin to rebel against ... aria del Fiore, and other great structures that led the way for the buildings of today. Other great architectural discoveries would be the drawings (blueprints) of the machine known as rota manga or & ...

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Four styles of Roman wall painting: Incrustation style; Architectural style; Ornate style; and Intricate style

ere identified as follows: the 1st 'style' is called Incrustation style (2nd - 1st BC); the 2nd was Architectural style (c. 100- 15 BC); the 3rd was Ornate style (c.20 BC - c.20 AD); and the 4th was I ... all. Using this style, the wall was painted and moulded from stucco with the replication of various architectural elements such as masonry bricks, suspended alabaster discs, 'wooden' beams, mouldings ...

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