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A breif look on the physical properties of the Northern Region.

is very scarce. The various types of vegetation found in the North include Cotton Grass in the low arctic, patchy vegetation in the mid arctic; however the arctic poppy seems to like these settings. ... c; however the arctic poppy seems to like these settings. Very sparse vegetation occurs in the high arctic, yet Saxifrage and arctic willows proceed to flourish there. Pretty much, the rest of the lan ...

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Travel Brochure: Taiga shield.

essive displays of wildlife: 50 species of mammals including the barren-ground caribou, wolf, lynx, arctic fox, the grizzly bear, etc.Also, there is a massive bird migration of swans, geese, loons, du ... entice Hall Ginn Canada, 1999."Explorer's Guide to Canada's Northwest Territories." Publishers: NWT Arctic Tourism and Outcrop Ltd., Yellowknife, 1998.A DETAILED MAP OF THE ECOZONE:

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Greenland Report

hough most of them die because they are not adapted to the extremely cold air. One animals that the Arctic Fox eats is the lemming, which looks like a gerbil. The lemming's die early in the winter so ... ing's die early in the winter so the Arctic Fox starves. Polar Bears which are known to live in the arctic weather can run up to twenty-five miles an hour. They eat bird eggs and seals and their thick ...

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Commercial trade

oduced for the first country but not by itself. For example, if Italians wish to wear coats made of arctic fox fur and Canadians want to use olive oil, but arctic fox do not live in Italy and olive tr ...

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Case-In-Point - Energy Summary

CI362 - Environmental EthicsFacilitator: Steven GoldsmithAugust 23, 2010Energy SummaryChapter 11THE ARCTIC NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGEThe Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the largest entity in the Nati ... uge System. The Refuge is America's finest example of an intact, naturally functioning community of arctic/subarctic ecosystems. The Arctic Refuge is the only area on Alaska's North Slope where petrol ...

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