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Claude Monet's Le Basin d'Argenteuil

Claude Monet\'s Le Basin d\'Argenteuil is an impressionistic piece of art painted in 1875. This painting consists of oil on canv ... de Island. The subject of this piece includes sailboats floating serenely on the Seine River in the Argenteuil Basin between a shrub-like foreground and a background of trees creating a horizon on a g ... et uses and the shimmering reflections of the sailboats on the Seine.The composition of Le Basin d\'Argenteuil is one of the techniques Monet used to make this piece so exquisite. The organization of ...

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Monet's Garden at Giverny

nifests itself clearly in his work. The paintings produced around the time when he first settled in Argenteuil in 1871 depict landscapes of the village, daily scenes, and the artist's home life. The p ... landscapes of the village, daily scenes, and the artist's home life. The paintings of his garden in Argenteuil, confined to the walls of the property, possess a wide range of visible elements of the s ...

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Monet, Bierstadt, And

plify this diversity are Bierstadt's "Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains", and Monet's "Le Bassin d' Argenteuil".At first glance, one would never expect these works of art to be of the same time period ... as a surveyor.1 The only visual similarity this painting shares with that of Monet's "Le Bassin d' Argenteuil" is the fact that they are both oil painted landscapes. In reality however, there is a fi ...

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eacute;. Le prochaine an son père est mort et Monet a déménagé à Argenteuil. Argenteuil a situé près de Paris sur la Seine. En 1878 Michel, le deuxieme ...

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