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Justice in the Orestia. A look at the contrasting views of justice in Greece, and the transition to a deliberative for of justice.

for it. The bond between mother and child was broken when Orestes murdered Clytaemnestra. Marriage, arguably, is a tenant of Zeus and the Olympians. In the old order of things, family is by blood only ...

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Agony of a Sensitive Man

Agony of a Sensitive Man Shakespeare is arguably the greatest playwright that ever lived. His plays are the most studied works in the litera ...

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Birth of a Nation - Art or Propaganda

effective use of devices such as symbolism, foreshadowing and allusions, as well as building on and arguably perfecting film techniques such as continuity editing, intercutting and close-ups, he trans ...

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Early History of the Pipe Organ

The "king of instruments" has a long history, one which can arguably be traced to the concept of a collection of "fixed-pitched pipes blown by a single player ( ...

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Great rock musicians

his paper is to illustrate the birth of, and evolution of rock and roll by focusing on three of the arguably greatest rock musicians of the sixties and seventies. The origin of the blues can be ...

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The Unholy Crusade, a look into Oliver Stone's War film, Platoon.

eenacts this theme in a modern true life event.After World War II, America demonstrated itself to bearguably the most powerful nation. When communismthreatened Vietnam, America acted to defend its dem ...

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It compares Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau in regards to social contract, the state of nature and each of their ideal governments.

of other people. Glory, consists in the concern that each person has to have value for others. But arguably, more important than either of these, is diffidence. This is essentially the suspicion that ...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

g vehicle that automatically thrusts him to the top of the comedy A-list. Arnold Schwarzenegger is, arguably, the number one American Icon and movie box office draw not only in America, but in the ent ...

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Joel's Dream

ill, this was why he had been offered the most lucrative deal for a Scottish player ever. AC Milan, arguably the greatest team in the world had offered him a deal which would see him earn more than &p ...

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Compare and Contrast ancient Civilizations in the lands surrounding the Mediterranean sea

ization rose from disorder in Mesopotamia, the modern day area of Iran and Iraq, and formed what is arguably the first example of human civilization. It rose upon the banks of the Tigris-Euphrates riv ...

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Sepoy Rebellion of 1857 - India

naturally seek to downplay any acts ofrebellion. While the Indian subjects on the other hand would arguably wish to exaggerate and overemphasise the importance of these events, as a means of promotin ...

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Seperate But Equal. This is a review for the movie "Seperate but Equal." It analyses the good and bad points of the movie, and suggests areas for improvement throughout the film.

dice, which ignited the famous US Supreme Court case of Brown vs. Board of Education. This case was arguably the most influential case of the twentieth century as it called for the desegregation of el ...

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Upon the Verge of Global Devistation - Analyzing WWII in terms of WWI

nting economic crises. Yet, it seems almost ironic that the communist Soviet Union was as much (and arguably more) of an instrument in defeating fascism as were the liberal democracies of the world. D ...

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Democracy and constitutionalism

y among the people which in modern society, makes it the most attractive system of government today.Arguably, equality is the goal of many governments today. But what one must realize is that equality ...

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The Crucible, Arthur Miller

points about Proctor, which greatly contribute to his effectiveness throughout the play. Proctor is arguably the main character or at least a character with a very full role in the play. Taking advant ...

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This essay describes how the story Romeo and Juliet is altered when transferred from stage to the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes.

Romeo and Juliet - From Stage to FilmRomeo and Juliet is, arguably, one of the most popular plays of all time. Since the first performance in the 16th century ...

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Using Tom Robinson's trial as a starting point, explain what we learn about Maycomb society from reading 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.

a strict code. 'She has merely broken a rigid and time- honoured code of our society.'Prejudice is arguably the most prominent theme of the novel. It is directed towards groups and individuals in the ...

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Satire Writing vs. Factual Writing: A Comparison of Brave New World and All Quiet on the Western Front (Contains Bibliography)

Brave New World is arguably Aldous Huxley's most popular novel. Published in 1932 Brave New World has enjoyed immense p ...

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Points out that the reason for the eventual downfall for the characters in the play "Hamlet" are caused by character flaws such as: obsession, cleverness, manipulation and bitterness.

if not all of the characters found in Hamlet. The flaws of characters such as Hamlet and Claudius, arguably, but ultimately lead to their eventual downfall. Whether it is being obsessive, clever, man ...

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Blacks and Whites: Separate and Unequal A comparison of the South African Apartheid system and America's Jim Crow Laws

Around 1914 in the United States, race relations hit arguably an all-time low in the history of civilization on the North American continent. Every South ...

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