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The Renaisance Man

e of five, not knowing one word of English, he has become a well known figure in his field of work. Armenia, the origin of my family, is where my father was born seventy-seven years ago. His very poor ...

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"Clan of Resident Aliens" - A survey of what a true American is, with actual personal reflections from the perspective of a fully assimilated immigrant from Europe.

n some ten thousand miles away in an undersized, under-populated, under-represented republic called Armenia. Am I really American? What is American? On October 10, 1492 a man named Christopher ... uestion became more important to me. I was an American citizen, but did that make me any less of an Armenian? What was an American? Was there such a thing as a true or pure American? I began to see mo ...

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Nagorno- Karabakh conflict was always at heart of the dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia. The nature of conflict sets itself in a circulated rotation by the claims of both sides ove ... t sets itself in a circulated rotation by the claims of both sides over the territory. According to Armenians, Armenia has to have the right to rule over Nagorno-Karabakh in terms of national self-det ... concept. The developments in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict intensified after the petition given by Armenian authorities in August 1987, requesting that Nagorno-Karabakh and Nakhchivan has to be trans ...

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Worlds Music

Armenian culture is one of the oldest cultures and continuous civilizations existing today. Througho ... s one of the oldest cultures and continuous civilizations existing today. Throughout the centuries, Armenians have created a unique and remarkable culture at the intersection of east and west. Many tr ... a unique and remarkable culture at the intersection of east and west. Many tried to destroy it and Armenia was conquered by stronger surrounding nations many times. Still, despite the tremendous chal ...

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3 Places that I would like to Visit

iences with diverse cultures and backgrounds. The countries that I found most interesting to me are Armenia, Iceland, and Latin America. The following paragraphs talks about the reasons why I found th ... ns why I found these countries fascinating.A wide range of climatic zones have been recorded within Armenia. Armenia is located in the southern Caucasus and is the smallest of the former Soviet republ ...

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Yousuf Karsh;thesis statement:biography, starting out,influences, talents, techniques,claim to faim

his historic existence and his contributions to the art of photography.Karsh was born in Mardin, in Armenia, Turkey, and faced many hardships while living there. His family faced great oppression, and ...

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The Armenian Genocide.

al, yet that indeed took place around Turkey between the years 1915 and 1922 and it is known as the Armenian genocide. The question engulfing one at present is exactly how and why such an appalling at ... e was ultimately served.Before analysing the actual genocide, one must examine the existence of the Armenians before 1915. The Armenian race is indeed that of an ancient one, as its existence has been ...

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Gypsies in Romania and Europe

ably left India after a succession of campaigns in Sind through the C11, initially spending time in Armenia and Persia, then moving into the Byzantine Empire after the Seljuk Turk attacks on Armenia. ...

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Armenian Earthquake

On December 7, 1988 the horrible forces of nature took away the lives of thousands of Armenians as well as the villages and cities that were destroyed. The Northern regions of Armenia in ... estroyed. The Northern regions of Armenia in a few seconds were turned into ruins. The 1998 Spitak, Armenia earthquake will never be forgotten for the damages and catastrophe it has caused. It struck ... struck at 11:41 A.M. local time when children were at school and most people at work. With most of Armenia covered in high-rise buildings the consequences have been devastating. At least 25,000 peopl ...

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Dealing with Injustice

state of Russia. In 1989, when Gorbachev, a president of the USSR came to the power, Azerbaijan and Armenia started a long war over a small Armenian land, Karabach, which was given to Azerbaijan by an ... r Russian leader, Stalin. The same year my parents were asked to leave Azerbaijan because they were Armenian and Christians. We all were forced to leave Azerbaijan and find another place to stay. Both ...

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Human Rights vs. Global Partnership for Development. Armenia's Perspective

out strong support and commitment from inside of a country in the person of the government and NGOs.Armenian President was among those who signed the Millennium Declaration and thus committed the coun ... itted the country to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. This step is significant for Armenia: in order to integrate into Europe and global networks, it needs to establish these basic st ...

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Backround of the Armenian Genocide

te a group of people that one finds harmful to the oppressor's future. The Turks killed millions of Armenians trying to rid their country of them for racial superiority and sovereignty. However animos ... eignty. However animosity does not materialize overnight. The Turks have always had strife with the Armenians. Unrest in Turkey succeeding the Ottoman Era was tremendous and the Armenians were made to ...

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The Loss Of Live

It was late July in Armenia's capital Yerevan. As the summer's sun streamed into the house and made little shadows on th ... s time for the bitter winter. Cindy and Tom were preparing for the winter because they knew that in Armenia it always snows and they also knew that it would be really cold. However, they never thought ... m would lose his job, but as a matter of fact he lost his job as well as the rest of the workers in Armenia. They didn't have money to pay for necessities. Their home temperature dropped to 0Â&d ...

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