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Fall of Rome: The "Invincible" Empire

t the tactics of the German military, as well as the leaders on both sides of the important battles.Arminius, also known as Hermann der Cherusker, had lived in Rome for most of his life. As a youth, h ... tary tactics and technique. He was later freed and expected to become an ally of Varus and of Rome. Arminius played along with this for a while, and had everyone fooled. Secretly, he was creating an a ...

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Teutoburg Forest

ding up to the battle of Teutoburg Forest. Focus on two important men Publius Quintilius Varus, and Arminius.Publius Quintilius Varus. In 13 B.C. he was consul with Tiberius and later appointed govern ... d their accustomed condition to foreign domination." (Cassius Dio, "The Roman History", Book LVI:18)Arminius was the son of Segimer (18 BC? - 19 AD?), chief of the Cherusci, a Teutonic tribe inhabitin ...

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