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The roots of the Scottish Artist, Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

sh was born in Glasgow on the 7th June 1868. He trained as an architect at a local firm and studied art and design at evening classes at Glasgow school of art.He was an architect and designer in Glasg ... he late 19th century and early 20th century was the progressive movement in painting and decorative arts.At art school, Mackintosh and his friend and colleague Herbert MacNair, met the talented sister ...

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Paris exibitions between 1889 to 1900 that brought attention for tourist across the World

World Exposition1900THE GREAT EXHIBITIONS:-World Exhibitions brought tourists, artisans, and attention from around the world and established the host country as a power player in ... e-Diverse because many different international styles and people from all over the world joined to participate in one central location for six months or longer.-the idea of an international applicatio ... of the arts and sciences began in London in 1851, but was primarily focused on industry and not the arts.1889:·Seen as the centennial of the French Revolution, the French set out to make the 18 ...

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Gustav Klimt Personal study

When looking at symbolism in my personal investigation last year I discovered the artist Gustav Klimt. I mainly concentrated on Klimt throughout the study as I really appreciated his ... d to focus on his work in this years personal study; it will give me the opportunity to explore his art further, and look at paintings that I prefer in more depth.Klimt once stated "I have the gift of ... if I have to say something about myself or my work. Whoever wants to know something about me-as an artist, the only notable thing-ought to look carefully at my pictures and try and see in then what I ...

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Aesthetic Movement [21] African American [20] Ancient Egypt [234] Ancient Greece and Hellenistic States [590] Ancient Near East [348]

ient Egypt [234]Ancient Greece and Hellenistic States [590]Ancient Near East [348]Ancient Rome [380]Art Deco [45]Art Nouveau [179]Arts and Crafts Movement [66]Baroque [1574]Bauhaus [19]Buddhist [190]C ... hick [240]Hudson River School [20]Impressionism and Symbolism [185]Islamic [426]Jewish [50]Medieval Art [2112]Minimalism [16]Minoan [40]Modern Movement and International Style [194]Native North Americ ...

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The effects of science and technology on the modern art era.

The beginning of modern art movement was a very interesting time for science and technology, the basics of chemistry, physic ... essential it was an exciting time to be alive. Along with the foundation of modern science came an art revolution.Photography was amongst the new technology, and experimentation with the first camera ... as amongst the new technology, and experimentation with the first cameras, brought new ideas to the art world. For one it could create the perfect likeness to any object, it used light to do what only ...

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Antoni Gaudi: Casa Mila and La Sagrada Familia and Twentieth Century Technology

The Art Nouveau Movement began in the early 1890's as a reaction against the technologies of the industr ... of the industrial age. Free-flowing, curved, biomorphic forms gave inspiration to the architects of Art Nouveau. While technology played a significant role in the influence of most twentieth century a ... í's influence was that of the natural world. His works are a reflection of the ideals of the Art Nouveau movement. His genius is expressed through his mastery of capturing movement and organic ...

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Victor Horta: An Architectural Genius

One architect in particular has been credited with giving rise to the Art Nouveau movement: Victor Horta. Horta establ ...

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Howard Arkley - Studio Arts Unit 3

d died there in Oakleigh, Melbourne, on 22 July 1999. Arkley was a major presence in the Australian art world and his exhibitions were significant events. He first exhibited at Tolarno Galleries, Melb ... e an icon of Australian cultural identity and Arkley took this as his opportunity to create amazing art, which reflected a celebration of life in Australian suburbia.Howard was influenced by a great r ...

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Are Nouveau

Art Nouveau an international style of decoration and architecture which developed in the 1880s and 1 ... ration and architecture which developed in the 1880s and 1890s. The name comes from the Maison de l'Art Nouveau, an interior design gallery opened in 1896 in Paris. Actually the movement had different ... ish term 'Modern Style' was often used, highlighting the English origins of the movement."In design Art Nouveau was characterized by writhing plant forms and an opposition to the historicism which had ...

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Design History essay: Design Development Since the Industrial Revolution.

Design first started before the Industrial Revolution, but my report starts here. England was the center of this re ... s- 1850's. In the pre-industrial era, villages traded with other villages, and over time villages started to specialize in producing certain products to trade. As a result, a lot of gear was being des ... alize in producing certain products to trade. As a result, a lot of gear was being designed. Many smart people were inventing machines, but when James Watts invented the steam engine, mechanized indus ...

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Art Deco

After World War 1 there was one predominant art style. It was called Art Deco. The war allowed the world to look at cultures vastly different fr ... called Art Deco. The war allowed the world to look at cultures vastly different from their own. The artistic trend setters at that time were seen to be New York and Paris. Artists in these places assi ... rs at that time were seen to be New York and Paris. Artists in these places assimilated the ancient art styles of Egypt and Japan to create a new, colour filled, highly modern style which coincided wi ...

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The impact of modern art and architecture in the late Ottoman period.

ions of peace and conquests. In addition to these, especially the effects of westernization which started with the Tulip Period were remarkable in the 19th century .These effects were obviously seen i ... emarkable in the 19th century .These effects were obviously seen in the fields of science, culture, art and architecture. With the help of westernization palaces and other institutions were built in E ...

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The architectural movement in the twentieth century

lity of design and creativity, architecture becomes a form of passion, an idea from the concepts of art and science. Architecture is an approach of an architect's thoughts, emotions, values & beli ... yIn the twentieth century, the transition of the architectural styles from one another reflects the art, cultures, technology and the people. Fragments & frictions of the transition in the archite ...

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Brutalism In Art

Modern Movement Architecture is the most visible way of art, and every building has a certain type of style that resembles and tells the story of the time a ... re built in. Several movements took place during the 19th/20th Century. Some of the movements were: Art Nouveau: It is characterized by having an abundance of odd shapes such arcs, curves, and designs ... ized by having an abundance of odd shapes such arcs, curves, and designs. This style was prominent particularly in Paris, where the artist Siegfried Bing displayed this kind of style in the "Maison de ...

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