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Jackson Pollock - Did he put more into his paintings than most artists?

Jackson PollockDid he put more into his paintings than most artists?Jackson Pollock was a revolutionary painter and took his methods to new heights so that he c ... to new heights so that he could work more directly with the canvas to show pure emotion within his art work.In 1938, Jackson Pollock went to see a psychoanalysis to help him get over a drinking probl ... er, though perhaps the image does not benefit from laboured explanations. If we can respond to this art at a fairly primitive level, then we can also respond to a great abstract work such as Lavender ...

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Frank Decosta

ld spark the beginning of a new creation. Ideas and dreams from within the deepest and secret most part of the brain are what DeCosta is after. His art work shows his dreams to the world.DeCosta uses ... r fantasy realm for subject matter. The human form is the most complicated form on the face of the Earth. Each form is unique and interesting yet, they all have a regular symmetry that is basically th ...

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Depictions of death: Beautiful and Heroic. "Laocoon and His Two Sons" by Hagesandros vs. "Fall of the Damned" by Peter Paul Rubens

In this paper I will compare and contrast two pieces of art work that are religious in nature. Through these pieces, I will show a theme of depicting death ... Damned."The sculpture of Laocoon is from the tales of Homer. It deals with the Trojan War and, in particular, the fabled Trojan Horse. Laocoon was a Trojan hero and a priest. Upon seeing the Trojan H ... oes not represent nobility. One can see why this piece came to influence so many of the Renaissance artists. Laocoon's emotions are pouring forth in his facial expression as well as his muscular strai ...

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Ford Mustang

The beginningThe Mustang started it's life when the baby boomers were just starting to drive. A brief scan of the auto industry ... to expensive for a teenager to afford. Other sportier cars were foreign. Like the MG or the Austin Martin, but these cars offered little performance. There were also the hot rodders. These people took ... se people took cars from the '30's and '40's most of which were the Ford Flat head. These engines started as a 60 or 80 horsepower. When these kid's finished with them they usually looked like a junke ...

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Discussion of the Feasibility of Miracles and the Grounds for Christianity existing without miracles. The fact and the ideas disagreeing with Hume's ideas

states that miracles are used to make us believe the scriptures. This is not true, since from the starts of Christianity there were not always scriptures. There were pieces of art work done for genera ... en.Hume is also trying to end in his mind, what he thinks is superstition. He thinks that when we start to think clearly about religion, we will start to lose our belief in it. Again he is using the a ...

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Class room observation, personal experience

Carrie and I were going to observe a kindergarten classroom social studies classthat combined their lesson with a first grade class. We were sch ... d obviously beat the students backfrom the fire drill. This gave us time to look around. The kindergarten room wasbrightly decorated with lots of posters and student's art work. The kids were working ... le in the tight space and tried to wiggle and scoot. Mrs. Debolt introducedCarrie and me and then started her lesson. She started with a story about a green bearwho lived in the forest. He would chang ...

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Art History research paper

Art HistoryPeople do not often interchange the concepts of history and art. Most think of art, quite ... of course, see or touch history's intangible human events of the past, but, a visible and tangible art work is an event that is somewhat immortal. Even if the creator or origins of a work are a myste ... ing out great potential in the task of accounting and recording history is to use the tool known as art to help.Art historians study the visual and tangible objects humans make and the structures huma ...

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Wanting to become a chef

ny different meals, from appetizers, to salads to main meals. The best meal I made was for a large party. The meal contained steaks, vegetables, and deserts. Now I am responsible for cooking all the m ... ng all the meals at the restuarant.Another skill a chef must have is the ability to be creative. In art classes at Sprayberry, by creative abilities really come out. Three of my are projects have been ...

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A lesson well learned.

at the family jewelrystore carving waxes. He was so excited because he knew he had a real talent in artwork. It seemed as if his luck was beginning to rise. He was designing custom rings,and learning ... inthe process of finishing it. It is now only a few months time before he will be able to start a new lifeoutside of his cell room walls. He is planning on going back to work for his uncle, an ...

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This is a paper on the conditions during the reign of Louis lV, during the cultural renaissance in europe.

. Gloria Fiero says that during the Age of Absolutism, there was a devotion to making intellectual, artistic, and political progress.It seems to have been inspired by the development of the church. Al ... s to have been inspired by the development of the church. Along with expressed urges to show in the art work a yearning for piety and other lofty ambitions, a new style of looking at the world had flo ...

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What is contrast in art? Why is it important?

y lying in the center of the scale. Contrast can also be in shapes, colors, patterns, or shades. In art contrast brings definition and depth to a piece of art work. Contrast allows something to be def ... on and depth to a piece of art work. Contrast allows something to be defined or hidden of which the artist gets to decide.2a. We used contrast in every project we did this quarter. In our first projec ...

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Ethnomethodology Experiment. an essay on an Ethnomethodology experiment, taking people out of their every day norms.

ethodology experiment than at a museum.My family and I had just finished up looking at Bill Viola's art work called "The Passions" it was the main feature at the Museum. Bill Viola's art work was sile ... y of emotions using modern technology. Personally I did not understand it, but who understands most art.We were leaving the north pavilion, and headed to the west pavilion to look at some ancient art ...

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Critics have a responsibility to establish standards by which works of art can be judged.

Art critics are divided into two camps with regard to evaluation of their own work. Some insist that ... Those from the other camp, however, hold strong belief that, no matter how diviated the motives of art are and their representations, there must be some objective standards that can be applied to eva ... t be some objective standards that can be applied to evaluate art works. If we examine closely what art critics do, we are likely to incline to the former point of view.As well known to all, the creat ...

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Authenticity of art

Can an art work still be valuable if it is not original/ authentic (should it be?)?An original artwork can ... authentic (should it be?)?An original artwork can be judged as more valuable than a forgery from an artistic point of view. All art works can be identified in light of the performance engaged with to ... be identified in light of the performance engaged with to create them. Thus understanding a work of art involves grasping in some way the achievement that the individual work represents. This leads to ...

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"Venus Asleep"

Venus Asleep" Of Paul DelvauxPaul Delvaux (1897-1994) Venus Asleep 1. What Does the art work look like? describe it. This piece of art work in my opinion looks like a dream. The art wo ... dream state because most dreams occur at night when we are asleep. 2. What subject matter does the artist work with? How is the subject matter represented: realistically, abstractly.Paul Delvaux uses ... onverted to Expressionism. From 1935 and onward PaulDelvaux mainly focused on surrealistic works of art. This painting is represented in a surrealistic manner. His choice of subject-matter and his per ...

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Compare and contrast two of the three key texts. Harrison, Charles English art and Modernism 1900 - 1939. Read, Herbert Contemporary British Art.

Compare and contrast two of the three key texts.Discussed in this essay are two books; English Art and Modernism 1900 - 1939 written by Charles Harrison, published in 1981 and Contemporary Britis ... mation in a Chinese whisper effect. Where as Read's book is most likely to have been written as the art was happening; he includes discussion about art work with dates from 1950 (only a year before pu ...

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Fine Art

ome contour lines give simple but unrealistic shapes to the characters. One of the features of this art work is the repetition and rhythm in art - the pattern is based on the diamond-colored apron, wi ... ties.In conclusion, the Barber Shop and the At the Time of the Louisville Flood are two distinctive art works. Physically, there are no similarities at all because painting and photography are two dif ...

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Tatoo's and Body Piercing.

Tattoo's and body piercing are a new means for artists to express their work in a more public forum. Both artists can show their work on display, t ... work on display, through the internet, and more personally by the people that have had some of the art work done to them.Using display cases can be very effective in showing pictures of tattoos. This ... allows the customer to come in and see what the tattoo might look like when it's completed. Tattoo artist can also use folders with different pictures in them that they can pass out to the customers. ...

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This is a Biography about Jean-Michel Basquiat. it explains his life about how he started his art work.

e in the world that have done accomplishments and had to struggle. Jean-Michel Basquiat was a great artist. He had to have a beginning to all of this. If not how did this all start. What did He do to ... have a beginning to all of this. If not how did this all start. What did He do to start all of his art work in his life? That's what I am here for, to tell you a report on Jean-Michel Basquiat.Jean-M ...

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Pablo Picasso: the human condition,Guernica

hout the ages people have often tried to replicate to human emotions and ways of life, within their art works. All of the different mediums, techniques, elements and principles, allow the artist to sh ... , allow the artist to show the life around them, and helps the viewer to interpret meaning from the art work.For my assignment , I have chosen three art pieces, two which are paintings, and the third ...

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