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Internet Article: Patient Confidentiality Takes on a New Meaning.

This article talks about health care information that is inappropriately or incorrectly communicated can ... ed by patients based on trust that the nurse or doctor will not expose the personal information.The article points out many ways that patient information could be breached. Notes are left on the front ... plications concerning the protection of the privacy of the individuals under care.From reading this article I am glad to know that there is such an act that protects patients' confidentiality. I belie ...

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Clues to Effective presentations

Clues to Effective PresentationsThis article was presented with a brief introduction that the presenter must be more interesting than wha ... nking about, if not it will not take long to lose the audience to their own thoughts. The remaining article was presented in an outline format, which made for a quick-read with the ability to skim the ... ey were already pointed out for the reader. Interestingly, I did not realize when I first found the article and decided to use it that the company is from Thane, India. Unknowingly, I learned that cro ...

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Alabama commerce law.

aterials is unconstitutional because everyone is not treated the same, which is discrimination. The article points out that states are allowed to discriminate on out of state commerce if there is a re ... tive evil that the Supreme Court was tryingto avoid?The court was preventing discrimination against articles of commerce. The Supreme Court was avoiding the state deciding on rules of outer state comm ...

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Amiri Baraka

use. Still, I think that Baraka explained his reasoning for putting those eruptive lines in. As the article points out, Baraka uses two separate narrative voices in the poem. He could easily have been ... vernmental" or "white supremacist" narrative at the time. But then again, he may not have been. The article depicts him as a bit of a sucker for conspiracy theories and he did publicly confirm his bel ...

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Issue Analysis: The Impact Of The Mfecane On The Cape Colony

Issue Analysis: The impact of the Mfecane on the Cape Colony E.K. Mashingaidze's article, "The impact of the Mfecane on the Cape Colony," dealt with the impact that the moveme ... ment. These individuals were the Nguni- speaking and Sotho- speaking people of Southern Africa. The article points out how this movement brought upon major changes to the way these groups lived and th ... sparked the flame that was to become the Mfecane Movement. There is a lot of detail throughout the article which helps to give a good background knowledge of the events that followed. Mashinga ...

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"There's no work force like home" by Mary A. Naylor

Purpose of the ArticleThe purpose of this report is to summarize the article "There's no work force like home" by M ... arize the article "There's no work force like home" by Mary A. Naylor on Business Week Online. This article shows the advantages of using telework in business. The author also presents the reasons why ... has strongly developed in many businesses, especially in virtual call centers.Main findings of the ArticleMany businesses today choose home-based workers to:1.Exploit the underutilized talent pool: H ...

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Ben Frankilin

nown as a jack of all trades who had very few flaws, if any. Yet, after reading Richard B. Morris's article about this great man, I have been persuaded otherwise. This article points out Benjamin Fran ... ys this essay shocked me into thinking of Ben Franklin as a different person.Before I read Morris's article on Benjamin Franklin I was completely oblivious to Franklin's womanizing, his problems with ...

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Coming of the Online Age - Marketing Challenges

11/skype-myspace-free-internet-cx_np_0814skype.html)( by Natalie Pace on 8 - 11 - 06)This article points out that Skype overtook MySpace in terms of the number of users who have registered f ...

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Off Shoring

hore and fail because saving in labor cost is not as important as having customers or projects. The article describes 10 different aspects to keep in minding when thinking about off-shoring. The first ... al command being focused on the same direction for the team to be focused because like mentioned in article "Passive resistance in the organization can doom the outsourcing relationship," by C Justice ...

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Can the Public Schools Produce Good Citizens?

:There seems to be a controversy as to whether or not public schools can produce good citizens. The article seeks to highlight the concerns about the level of preparation of the young for participatio ... the fact that there are several races and beliefs and cultures represented in the United States.The article points out that critics also question the very idea of government-sponsored civic education, ...

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