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Lessons learnt from Citibank

r an 8 month research period weighing up the benefits of Sydney against several other cities in the Asia/Pacific region, The fact that Citicorp committed a substantial seven figure investment in the S ...

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PLA as a World Power

and influences of a Great power . "It has been decreed that China should be the major nation in the Asia-Pacific region and therefore possess the military power to gain such recognition." Currently ho ...

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Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia Pacific Region and its mounting Importance

CSR), its emergence factors and its mounting importance to a company's survival.Having the focus on Asia Pacific Region, we will further highlight the growing demand for CSR in this region. The basis ... edge of CSR is essential for all companies on the globe.Additionally, this paper will delve into an Asia Pacific Company, Manila Electric Company (Meralco), devoting to evaluate their CSR responsibili ...

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AlliedSignal Aerospace Repair & Overhaul (Singapore)

is intense competition among existing companies and new entrants in the industry, especially in the Asia Pacific region. The firms are all competing for competitive advantage on the basis of their TAT ...

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External environment for banking industry

on. Standard Chartered employs 30,000 people in over 500 locations in more than 50 countries in the Asia Pacific Region, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the United Kingdom and the Americas. It is ...

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"United Parcel Service: Basic management structure."

nd delivery market. UPS is announcing that it's ever expanding company with new acquisitions in the Asia/Pacific region, Latin America, and Europe. With its bureaucratic approach to the company's mana ... ly been awarded one of Fortune magazine's " Diversity Elite 50 Best Companies for African American, Asians, and Hispanics. In addition, Fortune also recognized "United Parcel Service as the World's Mo ...

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Indian animation industry

to view this emerging market with seriousness.During the 1996-99 period, in fact, the share of the Asia Pacific region in the global computer animation production market has increased significantly, ... ilm/TV Programme Production: Demand for Animation Production Services($ billion)20002002E2003FGlobalAsiaIndiaEstimate 130,00024,00030--Estimate 21,000250-3503-5--Estimate 310,500--15.017.5INDIA: THE A ...

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Marketing analysis of legend

n the best selling brand for seven consecutive years in China since 1996 and the best seller in the Asia Pacific region (excluding Japan) for three consecutive years since 2000 . In 2002, the market s ... egend computers has reached 27.3% in China according to International Data Corporation and 12.4% in Asia Pacific market.The sales of Legend computers from 1990 to 2000 (unit: thousand)(Source: http:// ...

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Australia's relations with Asia

Australia's relationship with Asia has changed dramatically since federation in 1901. There was great suspicion and fear over comm ... During the 1940's until roughly the 1970's (more specifically 1975) several times fighting against Asian countries. Great changes had occurred by the 1970's when Australia started to export to Japan. ... s have formed in such areas as security, trade and educational tourism and aid resources within our Asia-Pacific region.Security for economic and military purposes is the major change, which has occur ...

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Identify the Forces that have promoted Globalisation and analyze the outcomes of these forces

en nations, cultural convergence and integration as well as the rapid growth and development of the Asia Pacific Region.The role of global institutions such as the World Trade Organization, the Intern ... reasingly since the end of the second world war and only started to slow down after 1997 due to the Asian economic crisis. The increase in trade caused an increase in a countries output and increases ...

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Nokia Marketing analysis

seen in China, which is now Nokia's biggest single market, followed by increases in the rest of the Asia-Pacific region and in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Sales were disappointing in North and ...

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DaimlerChrysler Financial Services Australia - A market analyis by Linda Schmid (extraction of an internship report)

so points out trends and aspects which may effect DaimlerChrysler's operations in Australia and the Asian/Pacific region. The conclusion was drawn that DCFS's presence in Australia is important and ne ... order to act globally. The position in a westerner country can be used as a springboard or base to Asia. Especially because the Asia Pacific region has been identified as a key part of DaimlerChrysle ...

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Cathay Pacific Airlines

�� Case AnalysisStrategic Marketing in Asia~ CATHAY PACIFIC ~IntroductionSince its establishment in 1946, Cathay Pacific has been a profita ... Cathay Pacific's economic hardship was mainly the result of a financial crisis, which affected the Asia-Pacific region at that time. As a result of this crisis, air travel heavily declined, resulting ... me recommendations to tackle the situation at hand.AnalysisDespite its well-known reputation in the Asia-Pacific region, Cathay Pacific faced many challenges that would have a significant impact on it ...

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Risk and crisis management in tourism industry

. Additionally, as the same author states (2005, p.2), in 2003"… international travel in the Asia-Pacific region was devastated by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and the Iraqi War"In the yea ... spiratory Syndrome and the Iraqi War"In the year 2004, the catastrophic tsunami affected many South Asian countries also having a negative influence on the tourism industry (Han, 2005). Despite some r ...

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In what ways is Australia's economic future and ongoing security reliant upon positive relation with other states in the Asia-Pacific region?

alia's economic future and ongoing security reliant upon positive relation with other states in the Asia-Pacific region?Australia's economic future and ongoing security is reliant upon positive relati ... 's economic future and ongoing security is reliant upon positive relations with other states in the Asia-Pacific region. Geographically, Australia is a stone throw away from Indonesia and Papua New Gu ...

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Australia - A Unique Continent

; to 154° east, and a longitude of 10° to 44° south. This places Australia in the ‘Asia Pacific Region’ and the ‘South Eastern quartile’ of the world.1.2 Area sizeThe t ... to a large landmass called Pangaea, which was starting to break up into two smaller continents, Laurasia in the north, and Gondwana in the south.2.3GondwanaAbout 120 million years ago, Gondwana began ...

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The role of foreign aid in Australia

cially those in which can offer us something in return.Our international aid program focuses on the Asia pacific region as well as the poorest parts of East Asia and the Middle East. In fact according ... etween 60% and 70% of all official aid given by the Australian Government goes to places within the Asia-Pacific region with the biggest recipient being Papua New Guinea.There are three main ways in w ...

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Australia in its Regional and Global Context - Tourism

ange dollars. Tourism contributes 10.5% to the GDP and employs 12% of the Australian workforce. The Asia-Pacific region is Australia's fastest growing source of tourists with significant increases of ...

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Starbucks Strategic Plan

ffee, Tazo teas and Frappuccino, (ReportLinker, 2011). Starbucks operates in the United States, the Asia Pacific region, Greater China (China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), the Europe Middle East Afri ... tunities and Threats OpportunitiesThreatsExpanding its global operations Entry into India and Asian markets Diversification International market penetration Co-brand with food manufacturers Incr ...

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