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More than sadness

hainThat urges you to say goodbye to a coffinThat asks to sew a soul***********DalalAnt said to the elephantGet up & massage meMake me laugh tooIf i didn't laughMake it up to me byKissing & fi ... ughMake it up to me byKissing & financingBut if iam not satisfied present me thousand slainsThe elephant laughedThe ant got furious at himYou big barrel , fleer at me!!What's funny in what i said ...

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acled Bear Western Lowland Gorilla Scarlet Ibis Pale-headed Saki Mexican Gray Wolf African Elephant Asian Elephant Golden Lion Tamarin Hybrid Spider Monkey Aye-aye Gorilla Amur Leopard Anatolian Leopa ...

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Achieving Project Goals Simulation

his simulation consisted of managing a project involving rescue and rehabilitation of overpopulated elephants in Zakinaka National Park to a special conservation area in Ungabo National Park to avoid ... ns.The project scope and deliverables are defined through given outputs and inputs of the Operation Elephants' Ark placed in proper order to relocate these elephants from Zakinaka National Park to Ung ...

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Scientific Taxonomy and Earth's Biodiversity

one family of living animals, the elephants - includes three species such as African Bush Elephant, Asian Elephant, and African Forest Elephant (McKenzie, P. (2001). The Proboscidea order classifies a ...

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the wild due to the fact of rapidly growing human populations. According to an article on WWF named Asian Elephants "Wild elephant populations are mostly small, isolated, and unable to join as ancient ... ed to have fallen at least 50% over the last 60 years. Starting from the 20th century, over 100,000 Asian elephants may have been existed but now the number has dropped about 40,000 to 50,000. Illegal ...

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s coexisting without interacting and ignores the reality of thousands of years of history. In fact, Asian elephants have been working in their native lands with their native peoples for thousands of y ...

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