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Forever Unanswered Questions.

ns begin to dreadWont you help me answer these questionsPlease help me come backOne last question I askTo my saviour so trueWhen will you save me?And who are you.

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Norms Within a Virtual Team

ll increase the productivity of a team, by establishing procedures and methods of interactions and task accomplishment. The shared values represented by the established norms help in team help in buil ... adaptive norms. These norms reflect the specific results of interaction between team members, the task, and media used. These norms are often generated in response to the specific needs and requireme ...

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The importamnt thing is not to stop questioning.

portant thing is not to stop questioning" caught my attention. This statement made ​​me asked myself. Is asking questions important? What benefits do we have when we ask questions?It is no ... e;re sami wierzymy, i motywują nas do działania w oparciu o własne przemyślenia.Asking questions protect us from passive acceptance of what others are saying, prevents stagnation, ...

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