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Gun control ~ add some current laws on topic

to out weigh peoples opinions. The lives Americans could be put into danger because of a gun or an assault weapon. Unfortunately in the Us it isn't uncommon to hear about how a gun was used in a crim ... a gun then something has to be done. These should be much stricter gun laws and the banning of all assault weapons. Many people have their opinion about banning assault weapons. They think tha ...

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Ban on Hand Guns

o the most used weapons in crimes such as armed rapes and robberies. Violence only leads to violenceAssault weapons and all types of semi automatic and automatic handguns should be banned. Only police ...

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Why I Think Gun Control Is not effective.

ws were made to make the general public feel safer. For instance the government banned a handful of assault riffles when they are not even used for most gun related crimes. The government also adminis ... ns should be unconstitutional but the laws were made because it is what some people want.The ban on assault riffles took effect in the may of 1994. "Nineteen assault-style weapons and broad categories ...

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