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a painkiller andanesthetic for surgery. In the Ninth Century B.C., it was used as anincense by the Assyrians Herbal, a Chinese book of medicine from the secondCentury B.C., was first to describe it i ... ancient china. Many (*) ancient culturessuch as the persians, Greeks, East Indians, Romans, and the Assyrians formany things. These were what they used it for: the control of musclespasms, reduction o ...

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The scientific explanation for the existence of Vampires

s enough so thatthey created charms to protect themselves from being attacked by such creatures. TheAssyrians and the Babylonians feared a creature similar to a vampire known as anEkimmu. These creatu ... ature similar to a vampire known as anEkimmu. These creatures known as Ekimmus were believed by the Assyrians to roam theplanet searching for food although it was not always a persons blood but rather ...

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One page analysis on one Assyrian scuplture. (from 1076-612 B.C. The Assyrian Empire)

an headed bullThis bull was designed to protect the Assyrian people and also prove the power of the Assyrians. The design of the bull was meant to ward off evil spirits and keep unwanted guest out of ...

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The AssyriansThere are different periods of the Assyrian empire. The first was called the Old Assyrian p ... ssyrian Empire.The Old and Middle Assyrian periods ( 2000 - 1200 BC )The name Ashur was used by the Assyrians to designate not only their country, but also their most ancient city and their national g ... isodes of foreign rule. Assyria finally gained its independence around 2000 BC. About this time the Assyrians established a number of trading colonies in Cappadocia (central Anatolia), protected by tr ...

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What factors explain the Persian (Archaemenid) empire's survival for two hundred years?

r, was one of the kings who brought about the fall of Nineveh (612 BC) and broke the control of the Assyrians. The Persian ruler of about the same time, Cambyses I, would marry the daughter of the Med ... ptians and Greeks, the religious exclusiveness of Hebrews and Aryans, and the calculated cruelty of Assyrians, Cyrus gave his subject peoples and their cultures his respect, toleration, and protection ...

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Anti-Semitism in Canada and Europe during World War 2

y of the peoples supposed to be descended from Shem, Noah's son. These Semites include Jews, Arabs, Assyrians, and Phoenicians. Although there are many different Semites, the term anti-Semitism is foc ...

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An essay discussing the great empires of the world, for example the persian, Cyrus, Athenian, etc....

for land and power. Four of the most powerful and long lasting empires of history and time were the Assyrians, the Persians, the Athenian and the Hellenistic. They defined and brought true meaning to ... ad for a long time believed that monarchy was a sign of barbarity unlike the other empires like the Assyrians. The spread went from Italy to India, from Macedonia to Egypt, Greek culture was the most ...

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Worlds Music

tions that testify to its existence at least III Millennium B.C., alongside the Babylonians and the Assyrians.In 301 A.D., Armenians became the first nation to officially adopt Christianity as their n ...

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The Fellow in the Cap and the Man on the Cross: Mithraism and Christianity

e will be examined.Mithras is a Sun-God and is identified with other Sun-Gods such as Shamas of the Assyrians and might also be called "the warrior of the world", "the judge of heaven and earth", "the ...

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What was the nature of Mustapha Kemal's Turkish nation and was the code of ethnic cleansing key to its formation?

o the acts of the ethnic cleansing of Turkey resulting in the death marches which wiped out Greeks, Assyrians and to the greatest extent of all the Armenians. The Turkish government then and even to t ... could not have achieved what he achieved without the genocide of the Armenians, Greeks and also the Assyrians. Ataturk believed that "Culture is the foundation of the Turkish Republic" and he achieved ...

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The Book Of Judith And The Jewish Cannon

uses on the courage and wit of the protagonist, Judith, as she saves her people from a siege by the Assyrians by cutting off the head of the general, Holferenes (Gabel, Wheeler and York 201).The Book ... lked unheeded back to her town where she ordered the men of the town to attack. The men did and the Assyrians, not expecting the attack, went to summon Holferenes, and fled upon the horror of finding ...

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nd to relate their new lives as farmers and urban dwellers. In 722 B.C. Israel was conquered by the Assyrians and were carried off into captivity as the ten lost tribes. Judah was conquered in 586 B.C ...

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According to the text, what are some of the fundamental elements of civilization?

The Assyrians were first both to acquire such a large territory and to try to govern it cohesively. In m ... .For example, they built roads to unify their holdings, governing and trade over large area was the Assyrians' use of Aramaic as a common languageIn the 3,000 years that make up the history of the anc ...

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The Assyrian Civilization

rn Mesopotamia around 2500 B.C., and was one of the first civilizations to form in that region. The Assyrians were Semitic speaking peasant farmers, and were known for their farming, military, archite ... farmers, and were known for their farming, military, architecture, and their way of government.The Assyrians were located in the prime spot for farming, and they excelled with the help of ample rainf ...

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Artifacts of the Near East

Many different groups of people rose and fell in the near east. One of those groups was called the Assyrians.“By the end of the ninth century BCE, the Assyrians controlled most of Mesopotamia.&# ...

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A Report on Habakkuk (Old Testament Wisdom Literature)

ope of Chaldea's ultimate destruction. Habakkuk's prophecy seems to be that just as God allowed the Assyrians to conquer Israel, so he going to allow the Chaldeans to conquer Judah. The book of Habakk ... uld read like this:Chapter 1 verses 2 4 describe the oppression of the righteous Jews by the wicked Assyrians (According to scholars like Budde) or could be the Egyptians (according to scholar's like ...

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Ancient Civilizations Along the Rivers: Assyrian and Indus Valley

t life was and how life was thousands of years ago. Two very similar yet different cultures are the Assyrians, which were a part of the Mesopotamian civilization, and the Indus Valley civilization. Me ... d agriculture, aided by irrigation and flood control systems, helped this civilization survive. The Assyrians were warriors who defeated Babylonians, Hittites, and Elamites. Much of the Assyrian archi ...

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