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Casino Gambling

ess of money. Casino's are illegal most everywhere, except where they are state sanctioned, such as Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Millions of people flock to these areas for the gaming, for a chance to ... udies have shown some very interesting facts. The total number of crimes within a 30 mile radius of Atlantic City increased by 107% in the nine years following the introduction of casinos to the area ...

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Circus Circus

om over saturation. Management should also consider looking into the opportunity to expand into the Atlantic City market. This is the second largest market in the US and Trump Hotels & Casinos are ... g to get out of the industry. This would be a great opportunity to gain a significant handle on the Atlantic City region. Both of these recommendations are consistent with management's objectives and ...

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Culinary Professionalism

orks well with others and passionate about their profession with a desire to always learn something new. Lets not forget the most important factor, for without a chef would be out of business, custome ... successful another trait in this profession to have is to be creative and always be willing to try new things. Those who have innovation will go far because trends are always changing including peopl ...

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It's a Business

.Al Capone's involvement in organized crime can be traced back to his youth growing up in Brooklyn, New York. His parents had just immigrated to America and were settling into their newfound environme ... t wasn't until his family moved elsewhere in Brooklyn that Al's involved with crime originated. The new environment enlightened Al on his future career when he met his mentor Johnny Torrio. Mr. Torrio ...

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