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Konditions test

ers mitokondriger. Jo mere veltrænet jo flere mitokondriger.Glukose + Ilt → CO2 + Vand + ATPDet er i midlertidigt ikke sandt hvis man kalder det ovenstående reaktionsskema for fuldend ... iration, så sker der følgende processer i de hvide muskelfibre:1.Først opbruges ATP lagre.2.Så sker følgende to processer under anaeropt arbejde:Creatinphosfat + ADP + ...

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Forsøg omhandlende økologi, respiration og fotosyntese

kan skrives således:Glukose + Ilt "_ Kuldioxid + Vand + Kemisk EnergiC6H12O6 6 O2 6 CO2 H2O (ATP)Nedbrydning af glukose kan også finde sted hvis der ikke er ilt tilstede. Læg m&aeli ...

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Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis; Outline

bjects in DNA and RNA -Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis7-1 DNACells 'know' how to how to produce ATP, how to build cilia and centrioles, howto produce membranes and enzymes.A program, or code, in l ...

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How the pancreatic endocrine hormones glucagon and insulin work antagonistically to maintain homeostasis in the body and a discussion of negative feedback.

sugar, is transported in the blood. It is carried throughout the body and into all cells to produce ATP. ATP is needed for all cellular activity of the body. It is essential that the blood can maintai ...

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This is an essay comparing the light and dark reactions of photosynthesis and C3 and C4 plants.

stem I into photo system I by the ETC. The energy is harnessed by the thylakoid membrane to produce ATP through the process of photophosphorylation. This energy is used in the production of NADPH afte ... to the mesophyll. The CO2 is stored in the stroma of the mesophyll for use in the Calvin cycle. The ATP and NADPH are used for energy in the reactions. The ATP is an energy source and consumes NADPH a ...

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What is Mitochondria?

embrane's surface area. It is on these cristae that food (sugar) is combined with oxygen to produce ATP - the primary energy source for the cell.Cells need energy for other processes such as the synth ... lucose molecules, the cell can store a few glycogen molecules which have very little osmotic effect.ATP is very much less stable than either glucose or glycogen, so it cannot be used to store energy o ...

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Biology: The Light Dependent Reaction

As the electron goes down the ETC, the electronloses energy. The energy released is used to produce ATP. At the same time, light is hitting Photosystem I, which makes it's electron's excited. The elec ... .-Reactants:Light EnergyChlorophyllADP+PNADP+EnzymesWater-Products:Oxygen- byproduct or used in cellATP- goes to light independent reactionNADPH- goes to light independent reaction

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The Light Independent Reaction--A.K.A. The Calvin Cycle

n sugar immediately splits into 2 molecules of PGA. The PGA then takes an H from NADPH and a P from ATP and becomes PGAL. Some PGAL is then converted into glucose, most is used to build more RuBP. 6 t ... r a molecule of glucose.The light independent reaction takes place in the stroma.-Equation:6CO2 + 18ATP + 12NADPH2= C6H12O6 + 18ADP + 18P + 12NADP +6H2O-Reactants:ATPNADPHEnzymesCO2RuBP-ProductsGlucos ...

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Muscle Fatigue

duce creatine phosphate, which releases energy. The energy released catalyzes a reaction to produce ATP. The ending product of glycolysis is lactic acid, which is created by breaking pyruvate acid dow ... exercise. They depend on the blood vessel supply, amount of myoglobin, myosin molecules that split ATP at a rapid rate, and the speed of contraction. Low ATP, high lactic acid and slow twitch fibers ...

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Aerobic Respiration

hich uses energy from light to create glucose molecules. Respiration catabolizes glucose to produce ATP, the energy molecule used to power most cellular functions. The general equation for respiration ... , the Krebs cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation. When all three processes are complete a net of 36 ATP will be produced.The first component of aerobic respiration is glycolysis, which means "splittin ...

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Maximizing Body Building Efficiency with Creatine

ue.How does Creatine work?To supply energy to the muscles, creatine maintains a sufficient level of ATP. Muscles' primary energy source for their contractions is ATP. If supplied continuously, it prol ...

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To investigate the effect of phosphate on cell division in root tips.

wth. For the root tips cells to divide, mitosis has to occur. Phosphate is needed for production of ATP which provides energy for mitosis to occur.DNA replication occurs during interphase of the cell ... mitosis end of root tip cells. This is because there is no phosphate for DNA replication or to make ATP or for the growth of membranes.When there is phosphate presents in solution, there will be mitos ...

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erts to kinetic energy.c. In human body, chemical energy in food is converted to chemical energy in ATP and thenconverted to mechanical energy of muscle contraction.2. Second law of thermodynamicsa. E ... asoline is converted to move a car; rest is lost as heat.c. When muscles convert chemical energy in ATP to mechanical energy, some is lost as heat.d. Heat is form of energy but quickly dissipates into ...

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em transports substances using the pressure flow mechanism. This process requires cellular energy *(ATP). Sucrose is loaded into the phloem vessels against a concentration gradient by active transport ... ucrose is loaded into the phloem vessels against a concentration gradient by active transport using ATP. This increases the solute concentration in the phloem and as a result water moves into the phlo ...

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Lactic Acid

ust that; a build up in the electron transport chain. "The body has a limited store of about 85g of ATP and would use it up very fast if we were unable to resynthesis. As we exercise pyruvate is forme ... and blood. The muscle cells and tissues receiving the lactate either breakdown the lactate to fuel (ATP) for immediate use or use it in the creation of glycogen. The glycogen then remains in the cells ...

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Creatine: Positive Effects Vs. Negative Effects

e body. (Natural Power Builders)When creatine is in the body it produces Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP. ATP creates the energy that is used in muscle contractions. The bonds between the phosphates an ... enosine are very strong. When they are broken, energy is released for the muscle cells to use. When ATP has been broken down it becomes Adenosine Diphosphate, or ADP. ADP alone can not produce the ene ...

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Does the amount of exercise have an effect on the pulse rate?

rcise you do and as the more and more the muscle cells become engaged in doing work, the demand for ATP (The energy used by the body is always in the form of ATP) increases. Which means the demand for ... s place in every cell to produce energy.This is the respiration equation:Oxygen + glucose Energy as ATP + carbon dioxide + waterThe oxygen is transported from the lungs to the tissues through the circ ...

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Photosynthesis lab report

th needs some kind of energy sources in order to survive. In animal cells, the mitochondria produce ATP from cellular respiration. However, the plant cells have a different type of center that produce ... is first transferred by exited electrons to reaction centers. Part of the light energy is stored in ATP and NADPH through a series of electron carriers. ATP and NADPH are the energy currency, which ar ...

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The Contraction and Mechanism of Rabbit Muscle

ut skeletal muscle contraction is to better understand the human body. The energy source of life is ATP. It is the living force of life.The possible reasoning behind studying skeletal muscle contracti ... , glycerinated psoas rabbit muscle was provided. It became apparent that using solutions containing ATP and other inorganic ions helped generate muscle contractions in the rabbit muscle fiber. There w ...

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Aerobic Respiration

Aerobic Respiration is a unique process that is an oxygen-dependent pathway of ATP formation. In this process potential energy is transferred from glucose (a monosaccharide) to ph ... mely important, life-sustaining process that is a key part of many organisms' survival. It produces ATP, which is an energy carrier. If this process were to stop working it would be life-threatening, ... ages. While carrying electrons and H+ the two coenzymes are abbreviated NADH and FADH2. Very little ATP forms during glycolysis or the Krebs cycle. The large energy harvest occurs after NADH and FADH2 ...

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