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College Drinking

College DrinkingLarge consumption of alcohol is a very serious problem especially among students attending college. Several college students start drinking heavily when they go to big college parti ...

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Writing with an Informative Aim

myself apart from my peers, I needed to find a way to continue my educational goals and objectives. Attending college using the Internet provided an avenue for completion of my degree. For the most pa ...

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Rhetorical Analysis of Bell Hook's "Keeping Close to Home: Class and Education"

, a chapter excerpted from Talking back (1989) by Bell Hook's, suggests that moving on with life by attending college influences individuals to hide or change the values they were raised with. She arg ...

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The differences in high school and college.

o. Although attendance is also required in college and many enforce it, some teachers do not. While attending college I have noticed that there are teachers who feel it is the student's responsibility ... n high school and college also differ greatly in ways such as their dedication to schoolwork. While attending college I notice more students have the attitude that they are in college because they wan ...

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Motivation Techniques.

1 Ways to Inspire. New York Publishing.Their idea of motivation was ruling with an iron claw. Since attending college andlearning that people truly have different needs. And if their needs are not tak ...

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Personal Goals.

ieve:The first and foremost goal is to graduate.This has been a life long dream for me. I have been attending college in a sporadic manner for over ten years. For a variety of reasons. I have, until n ...

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Write a 400-600 word procedure report Topic: How To Handle Stress In College

cause mental and physical health problems. Many of today's students hold down full-time jobs while attending college and feel overwhelmed by the lack of time available to study. Fortunately, there ar ...

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How The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Student

nces and situations in how to dominion their decisions, which is very important to the students who attending college. In order to be good students, they have to open their self to new ideas and adopt ...

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Gender Gap in College attendance

e shortcomings. Today, more women are going to college and being successful, and the percent of men attending college is decreasing. However, women represent a large majority of students attending col ...

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Racial Profiling

"A student from Liberia attending college in North Carolina was driving along I-95 in Maryland when he was pulled over by st ...

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Contrasting College Freedom with High School

Upon attending college for about eight months, I have found that I enjoy being a college student more tha ...

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Life comparsion of two Soldiers in WWII.

ey took very different routes into the service. Jack Young who was from Cedar Falls, Washington was attending college when he decided to join the Enlisted Reserve Corps.John D. Hinton was 18 and induc ...

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hool students on the criteria of the university as well as the changes they will have to make while attending college.The reasons I should be accepted are as follows:I am a well trained student. Ever ... potential of the work. I strive myself to achieve greatness and would settle for nothing less.While attending University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, I plan on majoring in psychology. The mind and how ...

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Mexican Expedition 2006

ptions and analogies I hope to give a glimpse into the world I was lucky enough to experience while attending college.Now, reflecting back since being home I can better choose what events have surface ...

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The Value of a College Education

After graduating from high school in June of 2000, I took a year off before attending college out of state. At that time, I was only planning on going to college because that w ... ere fortunate to have received college educations in their country, as many of their peers did not. Attending college and having the opportunity to obtain a degree was not only expensive, but also con ...

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AP Courses

college environment. These courses will show any college admissions officer how serious I am about attending college. Some students think that their senior year is a time to relax and take an easy co ...

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high school students who have not taken college preparatory courses or visited different colleges; attending college for the first time might be different to them. I remember when I first came to col ... r four years and earn credit towards a degree in the area of their study.The few months I have been attending college I had the pleasure to meet and get to know people from all over the United States ...

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Seeds Of Rebellion

ecdotes that his narrator will later be able to examine and comprehend once he is enlightened while attending college. Painted against the backdrop of a pre-civil rights south, we are given the pictur ...

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Value Of Education

a degree. To me college isn't all about books. There are many life-long lessons to be learned from attending college.Many people go to a technical school to focus on one specific area of expertise. T ...

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Gay Rights Essay

Lit Per. 4 Miss Gibbs 10/22/01 Should Homosexual Clubs Be Allowed On College Campus? Do you plan on attending college? College offers a plethora of opportunities to those who choose to attend. There i ... single out groups unlike them, they are only welcoming more upon themselves. In addition, students attending Iowa Colleges who are offended by homosexual clubs and their behaviors, have voiced their ...

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