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Equal Access To Justice : this essay discusses what equal access to justice really means, and states what society can do to improve equal access to justice for all

It seems that people with a high position in society can get out of many crimes by hiring the best attorneys, while the poor have to rely on pro-bono cases that are generally not picked up by the Joh ...

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The American Jury: Justice is Challenged

e of law is challenged in several aspects in American Jury System.Firstly, the participation of the attorneys in selecting the jury makes the jury system less perfect. Voir Dire, which is French for " ... llenges, which may be exercised for any reason or for no reason whatsoever. The intervention of the attorneys, as a result, affects the realization of complete justice. On the one hand, with legal rig ...

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Gideon vs Wainwright.

ppened to many people if it was not for the Justice Hugo L. Black requiring state courts to appoint attorneys for all individuals accused of crime if they cannot afford one. In the 1963 landmark decis ...

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Have you ever been accused for something that you didn't do and later started to doubt weather or not you did?

is background to try to relate to the case figuring out weather or not Steve was guilty. Mostly all attorneys, the one who are not in it for the money, will come to visit you on an regular basics and ... here was a lot of confusion. Not only for Steve but for the judge king the witnesses and all of the attorneys. And Kathy made it fine and clear that she felt Steve Harmon is was will always guilty. Ev ...

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Lawsuits against medical malpractices.

e no caps on the amount of money rewarded to a victim of a negligent doctor. On the other hand, the attorneys argue that these suits are an effective way to pay the victims for the physicians' mistake ... r. Doctors are to rely on their memory to deliver safe care without error. It is thought by lots of attorneys and lawyers that health care facilities are not well equipped to tackle the challenge of i ...

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Notes on Civil and Criminal Cases from Chapter 16 in the Glencoe Civics Today textbook

es a complaint2. court sends the defendant a summons3. defendant's attorney files a written answer, attorneys exchange pleadings4. attorneys present sides of the case and await a verdictCriminal Cases ...

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ymptomsNOTE: The sensory and physical abnormalities listed above are characteristically inherent in attorneys, politicians, mental health professionals, children under the age of five, and adults over ...

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Description and Objective of a Juvenile Court

teen court is a court that's operates like any other court. The only difference is that defendants, attorneys, jury, bailiff and court clerk are all teenagers. The only adults involved are the judge, ...

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The Fallibility of Eyewitness Memory in the case of Jennifer Thompson

Eyewitness testimony has always been a crucial component in criminal trials. Attorneys depend a great deal on this type of testimony, especially because it seems to be the most ...

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The Criminal Procedure

rged and the names of the officers making the arrest. They have the right to call their families or attorneys. People who can not afford an attorney have the right to have the court appoint one to rep ...

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Freedom of Information Act, drugs and steriod. FDA bad labeling of companies.

it holds and considers classified. Many important news stories were broken by journalists and their attorneys using this Act.Needless to say, not everyone is pleased that individuals have access and t ... f stuff, right? Or journalists are using this all the time?The fact is: business peoeple (and their attorneys) use the Freedom of Information Act more (journalists are approximately 10 to 20 percent o ...

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Changing Roles of Human Resources

an attorney. In fact, it my company, the HR department now consists of many HR personal including 2 attorneys. The driving force behind this transformation is new laws to protect the employees, lawsui ...

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Competence and the communication with clients

date the client on the case status. This communication is especially critical for the paralegal(s). Attorneys are usually very busy with trials and court appearances to always promptly return client p ... informed. Phone calls and e-mails should be returned promptly, usually within a 24-hour time frame. Attorneys and their paralegals should make sure to educate their client about the law and legal proc ...

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Neglience and the Paralegal

re responsible for almost all work done on a given case. Almost all paralegals are indispensable to attorneys in the work that they are able to perform for them. The paralegal is the person an attorne ... ent in a case and cause a lot of damage in their attorney's careers also. Clients always name their attorneys in malpractice claims, but very rarely name the paralegal, therefore leaving very little c ...

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Is The Filipino Culture Damaged?

ly resolved within the family were taken to a higher level, to the courts of law. Now, each other's attorneys do the Filipino tradition of intimate conversations between husband and wife to iron thing ...

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rranged to preside over the trial. A judge who is thought would favor the prosecutor. The defending attorneys consult ex-president John Adams and he advises them to find out what the slaves actually e ... s them to find out what the slaves actually experience, then use that story in court. The defending attorneys now begin a search for someone who can speak the slaves language, after a long search the ...

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Miranda v. Arizona         Ernest Miranda was a resident of Phoenix

lack of knowledge and it lead to his conviction. In the Supreme Court case Miranda v. Arizona, the Attorneys for Miranda were not trying to prove he was an innocent man, they wanted to concentrate on ... asked to resolve. They argued that Miranda showed have been informed his constitutional rights. The attorneys for Arizona believed that forcing police to inform suspects of their rights, would threate ...

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Forced Drug Testing

If a group of attorneys could convince Congress that at one point in time a large number of lives could have been ...

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Adversarial Justice System

present their side of their case. With the adversarial system many resources come into play for the attorneys’ to represent their clients. Key witness, expert testimony, evidence, and probable ca ...

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The Innocence Project

people served an average of 13 years in prison. The Innocence Project is formed of sever full time attorneys and volunteer medical students.Luis DiazLuis Diaz was found guilty of six rape charges, se ...

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